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Christoffer Carlsson has just gotten a rave review for October is the Coldest Month from The Sydney Morning Herald:

“Everyone knows about Scandi noir but are you aware it extends to teen fiction? October is the Coldest Month is one of the first YA novels of its kind to be translated into English. It should win over a younger audience to the ice and the cold, the grime and grit the genre does so well. […] Vega Gillberg is 16 when the police come looking for her older brother Jakob, who’s vanished after an appalling crime. She has mixed motives for finding him before the cops do. Vega braves the hard faces and long-held grudges of a rural Swedish community. On one level, she’s a typical adolescent  and on another, as we learn more about her complicity that fateful night, Vega has come of age, stepping into an adult world full of doubt and menace. Taut, tense and thick with atmosphere.”

The Australian edition of October is the Coldest Month was published by Scribe on July 3rd.

Dr. Bertil Marklund has gotten a great new review from Publishers Weekly for his book The Nordic Guide to Living 10 Years Longer: 10 Easy Tips for a Happier, Healthier Life, which was published in the US and Canada in May:

“Marklund, a doctor and professor at Gothenberg University in Sweden, packs many good things into this small package. His slim book distills medical research, as well as observations from his 20-year practice, experience as a public health specialist, and the Scandinavian way of life, into 10 tips for good health. They are eminently practical, reasonable, and straightforward to implement. […] He explains the science behind each in a refreshingly unpretentious, down-to-earth, thoroughly convincing way that encourages readers to follow his suggestions. […] Readers looking to improve their health without extreme diets or fads, and those who feel overwhelmed by the overload of available health information, must read this book.”