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Mirror, Shoulder, Signal by Dorthe Nors has been shortlisted for the Readers’ Award in Denmark. The prize is given every year by the Danish Library Association and newspaper Berlingske, who together choose ten Danish titles from the past year. Readers then get to vote for their favorite, and the winner will be announced on March 30th.

Mirror, Shoulder, Signal is presented as “singularly beautiful novel”, and when it was first published in February 2016, Søren Kassebeer of Berlingske wrote this rave review:

Mirror, Shoulder, Signal is a brilliant novel about finding your own way in life, even if others would like to steer you. […] Good literature is often about the unremarkable, the ordinary, and Dorthe Nors’s grasp of the story is masterful. […] Mirror, Shoulder, Signal emphasizes the author’s calibre. New readers of Nors can safely begin here. Perhaps they’ll then turn to the rest of her work. They won’t regret it.”

Vote for Mirror, Shoulder, Signal here.

Camilla Grebe’s novel The Ice Beneath Her has just gotten this rave review from BookPage, listing it as one of two Scandinavian thrillers “to chill your bones”:

“Swedish author Grebe makes her solo U.S. debut with gripping, nuanced and graphically violent tale. A beautiful woman lies dead in the home of a businessman—beheaded, with the head adjacent to the body. The chief suspect has disappeared, his abandoned girlfriend is on the warpath, and the lead profiler in the case suffers from what may be early onset dementia. And that’s just the setup.”
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