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When a teenage girl commits a horrific act of terror in the Stockholm underground, investigator Zack Herry arrives just in time to stop her from killing even more people. Afterwards, the whole country is shaken to the core. Had the young girl been acting all on her own in planning the horrific deed, or was she part of a bigger scheme? Are more attacks to be expected?

Falco is the fifth instalment in the intriguing Zack-series. This time, master of the genre Mons Kallentoft has teamed up with skilled crime writer and ex-police Anna Karolina. In Falco, we delve deeper into the psyches of Zack, the unruly but sensitive police officer who has gained huge readership across the world.

Falco was published by Bookmark Förlag on June 11th, 2018.


Tove Alsterdal has been awarded Le prix Ancres noires 2018 for the French edition of Buried in Silence (Dans le silence enterré).

The paperback edition of Dans le silence enterré was published by Babel Noir on March 7th, 2018 and it has been praised by readers and critics alike.