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The Paris Review has interviewed Dorthe Nors on writing sanctuaries, Bergman, the Danish literary scene, and more.

Dorthe Nors’ second collection of short stories Map of Canada was recently published in Denmark to great critical acclaim.

Read the interview here.


Samuel Bjørk returns with a third book in the dazzling The Mia and Munch Series.

An old man is driving home. Suddenly, his headlights catch something up ahead and he hits the brakes desperately, thinking it’s an animal. He discovers what’s really in front of him: a young boy, in shock, almost frozen to death. On his head the boy is wearing a set of deer antlers.

Holger Munch returns to active duty to take the case and he gets Oslo’s famed homicide unit back on its feet. It does not take much to bring Mia Krüger on board. She has been to rehab and managed to get clean again.  As more victims surface, Mia soon realizes that there appears to be an uncanny resemblance to old cases from her past…

International bestselling writer Samuel Bjørk spins a masterful plot with flesh and blood characters that get under your skin.