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Sonja and Daniel are a middle-aged couple who, in a last attempt to save their failing marriage, decide to leave Sweden and follow their dream of buying a vineyard in Bohemia in the Czech Republic, an area also known as Sudetenland.

Well there, they discover a system of old tunnels underneath the city that lead into their wine cellar. In one of the tunnels they find the mummified corpse of a young boy. His clothes are dated and he wears a white armband. In his pocket is a German Reichsmark from 1943. The local police don’t want to dig further into the case but when a woman is found dead on their property, Sonja realizes she may have stumbled upon something that people are willing to kill to keep hidden…

Erasure is Tove Alsterdal’s latest thriller where history and present intertwine in a riveting tale about human brutality – and loyalty. In a town without mirrors, the past may be erased but the departed will not be forgotten.


Tiina Nevala and Henrik Karlsson have received a rave review from Aftonbladet for their novel For People Like Us:

“A brilliant feel good novel […] Marvelous style and authentic emotions.”