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Ann-Helén Laestadius’ book Stolen has received a rave review from Sundsvall Tidning.

“To kill the reindeer of a nine-year-old girl is calculated cruelty. And to then threaten her life as she witnesses the crime creates a vulnerability that is difficult to grasp. But thanks to Ann-Helén Laestadius’s sparse, steady prose and tight-knit storytelling it becomes possible. You can feel Elsa’s fear in your gut, and understand why she keeps the secret of who she saw to herself into adulthood. […] Most of all, this is a novel about a young woman, Elsa, growing up. She tenaciously fights the poachers, she demands acceptance among the reindeer herders (and eases the pressure on her brother’s shoulders), she becomes a symbol for the future of her village, and she is the protagonist of a dramatic culmination of almost cinematic proportions. Stolen is both a thrilling page-turner and a story to remember for a long time to come.”

– Sundsvall Tidning

Stolen was published by Romanus & Selling on January 27th 2021.

Stolen has received yet another amazing review, this time from Jönköpings Posten.

“The start of the novel is just as dramatically charged as that of Kerstin Ekman’s Blackwater. […] The first third of the book is exemplary in the portrayal of Elsa as a child, whose language and inner world Laestadius captures impeccably. There, she builds the foundation the entire novel rests upon: the persecution and harassment of the Sami, and how it has continued through generations. […] It becomes a novel about prejudice and hatred, and  Robert’s acts illustrate an extreme form of racism. […] The best trick of fiction is how it can make us feel part of something, and Laestadius does just that. […] Incredibly thrilling.”

– Jönköpings Posten

Stolen was published by Romanus & Selling on January 27th 2021.