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Dorthe Nors has received yet another rave review for the Swedish edition of Wild Swims:

“Like always with Dorthe Nors, her stories hold entire lives and numerous events. But they are implicit. Through some cleverly portrayed yet crucial detail, Dorthe Nors kickstarts the reader’s ability to interpret and expand each story into the breadth of an entire novel. […] Wild Swims is an atlas over dark, spiritual landscapes, where love has often disappeared off somewhere else. It portrays different ways of feeling alone and abandoned, and how difficult it can be to reach other people – even before we were ordered to keep a two meter distance from one another.”
Svenska Dagbladet

The third and final book in Geir Tangen’s Haugesund Series, Dead Men Dancing, has just been published in Sweden by Forum. Here’s a first rave review from Kapprakt:

“A grandiose finale. […] This is a really good and entertaining read. Geir Tangen gives us his all, in a dizzying and loving play with all the clichés of the genre. […] Guaranteed to lift your spirits up if you’re having a bad day.”