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The Bear Woman by Karolina Ramqvist has received another brilliant review in the newspaper Sydsvenskan.

“The story holds me in a tight grip and also makes me curious about all the research, maybe because of the dark existential whirlwind that you glimpse beneath the thirst for knowledge. […] It’s a deeply fascinating story, thought-provoking, and an almost hypnotic read.”

The Bear Woman was published in Sweden on August 28th by Norstedts.

NEW BOOK: You Are the Light

2014. Jørgen and his family get a new neighbor who enters their lives like a bright shining light. Steinar is charming and charismatic – everyone wants to be around him. But the more Jørgen gets to know the man next door, he can’t help feeling that something is off with his new friend. What is Steinar hiding?

A rare feat of low-boil suspense wrapped in gorgeous language, You Are the Light is a perfectly crafted literary thriller. In this taut novel that trembles like a tight-rope, award-winning writer Tore Renberg invites the reader into a looming domestic darkness. To what lengths will we go to maintain a façade? And, in the end, how well do we know the people around us?