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Camilla Grebe has been awarded the prestigious Glass Key Award for her latest novel The Shadow Hunter.

The motivation reads as follows:
The Shadow Hunter starts with a murder in 1944, and then follows a captivating and thrilling investigation that continues up until present day. Simultaneously we’re given insight into the working conditions of female police officers over this long period of time. Grebe skillfully makes use of the classic ingredients of the crime novel and creates something that’s wholly her own, ending in an incredibly unexpected denouement.”

The Glass Key is the award given to the Best Nordic Crime Novel from the past year and Camilla won the award back in 2018 for After She’s Gone, making her the third author to win the award twice since the award was established in 1992.

The House Next Door by Mattias Edvardsson has received another raving review, this time in the podcast Deckardårarna (crime junkies).

“The novel is tremendous, it keeps you on your toes from the first to the last page. Not a single one of the characters can be placed in the category ’the good guy’ – they all have good and bad characteristics and the novel shocks you all the way to the end. Extremely good.”

The House Next Door was published in Sweden on June 17th by Bokförlaget Forum.