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Åsa Larsson and Tove Alsterdal have both been nominated for the French literary award Grand prix des lectrices de Elle in the crime fiction category. The nominees and the winners are chosen by the readers of Elle Magazine, and Åsa and Tove are two of eight nominees in their category.

Åsa Larsson is nominated for The Second Deadly Sin (En sacrifice à Moloch), which was published by Albin Michel on September 1st 2017. Tove Alsterdal is nominated for The Disappeared (Tango fantôme), which was published by Le Rouergue on October 4th 2017.

The winner will be announced in May.


In 2015 ultra-runner Kristina Paltén decides that she will run across Iran in order to challenge her own and other Westerner’s prejudice against the Muslim world. Kristina is an unlikely adventurer, cautious by nature, but she is determined to not let her anxiety stop her. Despite numerous attempts from friends and family to discourage her, she begins preparations for what will be over two months as a single Western woman running unprotected in a country governed by Sharia law.

In this eye-opening, life affirming, and highly commercial read, Swedish engineer-turned-adventurer Kristina Paltén sets out to challenge her own fear by doing what seemed impossible: running over one thousand miles across Iran as a single woman.

Written together with journalist Desirée Wahren Stattin, Running Through Fear is Kristina Paltén’s uncensored account of her journey across Iran.