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The first international edition of Geir Tangen’s thrilling debut Maestro has just been published in Estonia by Varrak.

Since then, Maestro has been featured on several bestseller lists in Estonia, and it’s currently #3 on book store Rahva Raamat’s crime list.


Camilla Grebe has just received this rave review for The Ice Beneath Her from Bookpage:

“When a new Scandinavian mystery hits the stands, you pretty much know it’s going to be good, and Swedish author Camil­la Grebe’s The Ice Beneath Her, translated by Elizabeth Clark Wessel, does not let the team down. All the tried- and-true adjectives apply here: gripping, atmospheric, nuanced and, of course, graphically violent. […] Through it all, the true killer remains as elusive as smoke on a breezy day, and when the twist comes, it’s one that even jaded Nordic noir fans likely won’t see coming.”

The Ice Beneath Her was published in the US on December 27th.