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Johanna Mo continues to garner praise for The Night Singer. Here’s a new rave review from Dagens bok:

“It hurts to read about Joel’s approaching, brutal death, and his brooding over who he is and what he wants. I so want things to go well for this boy, the he’ll find himself and find peace, but all the while I know that his time is running out. Hanna Duncker is a character that I look forward to reading more about. There’s something almost touching about her secret persona. Beneath the surface she’s contemplative and full of longing, but on the outside she seems a bit stiff and intangible. […] The Night Singer is a strong first book in the series and it bodes well. It’s thrilling and well-written!”

Alex Schulman has received a rave review from Aftonbladet for his latest novel The Survivors:

“Alex Schulman skillfully navigates through a vulnerable adolescence. His writing is emotionally arresting, it’s impossible to resist.”

Ingalill Mossander, Aftonbladet