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Inti Chavez Perez recently did a Q&A with Bustle about consent and the #MeToo movement and discussed some key lessons from Inti’s book Respect – Everything a Guy Needs to Know About Sex, Love, and Consent.

“Rather than get defensive in response to the conversations the #MeToo movement has sparked, men should take this cultural moment as an opportunity to reflect both on their own behavior and on how others treat them. Once we acknowledge that everyone of every gender could stand to think about both these things, we’ll be able to work together to create a world that’s more respectful to all.”

Read the Q&A here.

Respect was published by Penguin Books on August 27th.


The Bear Woman by Karolina Ramqvist has received rave reviews after its recent publication in Sweden:

“A beautiful and unforgettable tale of women, history and survival.”

“In her new book, which is a fusion of novel and essay, Karolina Ramqvist breaks new ground in an ambitious story about a woman who lived during the 16th century. It is spontaneous, beautiful and captivating.”