Ahlander Agency is a boutique literary agency that represents Scandinavian writers at home and in the world. We are committed to building a selective list that spans a wide spectrum – from commercial fiction writers to experimental pioneers. What interests us is literary quality and originality, no matter the form.

We believe in representing writers, not individual books. And so, in addition to selling translation and film rights, we foster a rich literary conversation to provide support and feedback.

The publishing world is in a state of constant change. But one thing remains the same: writers write. We are here because we want to champion writers, both in their solitary writing process and in the messy world at large.

It’s as simple as that.

Astri von Arbin Ahlander
Managing Director

Astri returned to Sweden to found Ahlander Agency after a decade in the United States. She has conducted countless in-depth interviews with leading international writers in her role as co-founder and editor of the interview project The Days of Yore. A language nerd and lover of nit-picky nuance, she translated Jens Lapidus’s bestselling Stockholm Noir Trilogy into English. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University, where she has also taught writing. Astri is passionate about literature in general and writers in particular.

Christine Edhäll
Partner and Literary Agent

Christine is a trained journalist and has a Bachelor in Media and Communication Studies from Stockholm University. She has spent five years within Swedish Public Service Television and Radio and has worked as an editor, reporter, and researcher at some of the biggest current affairs, news, and talk shows in Scandinavia. Her love of research springs from boundless curiosity and passion for information in all forms. Christine is a voracious reader who spent her younger years working behind the counter in a bookstore.

Kaisa Palo
Literary Agent

Kaisa is a mountain-loving northerner whose passion for language and literature brought her via London and Gothenburg to a Bachelor’s degree in Language and Translation studies from Stockholm University. She has also studied journalism and worked as a public information officer for Swedish Public Service media. A lover of popular culture and a self-proclaimed black-belt Googler, Kaisa is a proud book geek who readily devours all genres – from classics to fantasy, crime, YA, and dense non-fiction about cetaceans.

Marit Marjavaara
Editorial Assistant

Marit spent her younger days at an NGO for democracy in Hungary and as an official for the county council in the northernmost part of Sweden. She then found her way to studies in Creative Writing and Literary Criticism at Biskops-Arnö, followed by a degree in Aesthetics and Philosophy from Södertörn University, Stockholm. After working at several art museums, as a pop band manager, and as an editor on minority issues for the Swedish Arts Council, she returned to her lifelong passion: literature. With an eye for the unlooked-for, Marit reads a wide range of genres.

Kajsa Harrysson
Contracts Manager

Kajsa holds a Master of Laws from Stockholm University with a focus on intellectual property and media law. Her passion for literature and media has been a theme throughout her life, leading her to an internship with Sweden’s largest multi-channel network with a focus on visual media and Youtube. In her current role, she combines her love for old and new media and brings a specialized competence to the world of books. An avid soccer player, Kajsa trains in a division three league team and as defender she is the backbone of the team’s defense. She loves to read and has a soft spot for biographies, crime novels, and fantasy.

Photos by Viktor Fremling