After the Sun

In the five stories that comprise After the Sun, a missed meeting in Copenhagen catapults an IT consultant into derivative trading, a young boy working at a beach club in Cancún struggles to survive, a love triangle in London’s underworld falls to pieces, and a grieving man tries to merge with a strange machine in the Nevada desert.

The world in this transgressive collection both expands and contracts; each story opens a door, a series of entrances beckoning to new realities. Eika’s universe is a dreamscape where anything might happen – where the imagined and the hyper realistic together balance on a knife’s edge, and where there is startling beauty in the grotesque.

Jonas Eika is a young writer in utter command of his craft who grabs hold of the reader with tender fury. In this taut collection, he explores a globalized present defined by capitalism and saturated with desire. In After the Sun, Eika’s writing transcends nationality, sex, and social class, throbbing with an irrepressible urgency in search of something to call authentic.

“An ambitious take on what it means to write ’realistically’ in a time and place structured by a massive global economy, looking towards a future that, in many ominous ways, is already here.”

After the Sun is only Jonas Eika’s second book, and it’s almost incomprehensible how improbably accurate and vivid it is… Eika’s stories revolve around a grumbling dark and directionless desire, which is suddenly let loose and given shape. Eika recounts tender and intimate relationships, which are simultaneously not sexual, so much more than sexual, and nothing but sexual. [These] relationships are unmistakably queer, arising between men, between groups of people, and between everything that exceeds the human.”

“Jonas Eika’s prose in After the Sun is muted and unpretentious, but his landscapes, characters, and universes are brimming with strange sensations and presences, eerily mesmerizing and mysterious.This is a work of apocalyptic science fiction with a underlying tone of realism. The book is an extraordinary example of why this genre shouldn’t be underestimated as a literary form, and why it might be especially relevant in our time of ’fake news.’ After the Sun is a fantastically strong follow-up to Eika’s provocative debut. His stories express many disturbing aspects of being human and of the world around us.They are never sensational, but ceaselessly enter taining.”

“The winner of the 2019 Nordic Council Literature Prize is a young author whose collection of short stories After the Sun has surprised and enthralled the jury with its global perspective, its sensual and imaginative language, and its ability to speak about contemporary political challenges without the reader feeling in any way directed to a certain place. Eika writes about a recognisable reality, regardless of whether we’re in Copenhagen, Mexico, or Nevada, and whether we’re among financial speculators, homeless boys, or people who believe in aliens. There is a real sense of poetic magic. Reality opens into other possibilities; other dimensions. There is something wonderful and hopeful in it that reminds us how literature can do more than just mirror what we already know.”

Jonas Eika is a Danish author who was awarded the 2019 Nordic Council Literature Prize for his short story collection After the Sun.

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