It’s November in Stockholm when investigator Zack Herry and his team are called to a sporting area outside of town. Next to a cross-country track, a man has been found dead in the snow. The victim’s arm has been cut off at the shoulder, and the cause of death appears to loss of blood. There is another remarkable detail about the victim – he is albino. Zack’s new colleague Sharin Nahib quickly theorizes that they might have a hate-crime on their hands.

Shortly thereafter, a young model is kidnapped. When it becomes clear that she is also albino, the police team concludes that the two investigations must be connected. Now the heat is on: the police must find the woman whose life is in grave danger.

Zack and his colleagues are working tirelessly to figure out the motives behind the murder and kidnapping. They know that people with albinism have around the world, historically, been persecuted and murdered for their body parts. The dirty trade is rooted in superstition and witch doctors. Now they wonder – has the unlikely practice reached Sweden?

While putting all of his energy into the investigation, Zack’s relationship to Hebe is getting more and more complicated. He loves her, but the terrifying realization that she might be his sister is more than he can handle. And when her life is suddenly put in his hands, the unthinkable happens…

Albino is the sixth part in the bestselling Zack series, which is loosely based on the classical myth of Hercules and his twelve labors. Skilled suspense writers Mons Kallentoft and Anna Karolina build an intricate narrative where past and present converge in a harrowing denouement. Albino is a unique crime drama that combines breakneck action scenes with remarkable emotional depth.

“Together, Mons Kallentoft and Anna Karolina are worthy successors to the great Sjöwall/Wahlöö. Following investigator Zack Herry’s fight against the underworld as well as his own inner demons is social realism of an almost physically painful kind. […] I’m hooked from the very first page.”
BTJ, 5/5 stars (SE)

“Fascinating, dark and well-written!”
Jennys boklista, blog (SE)

“A raw, fast-paced, and above all thrilling book!”
Ljudboksbloggen, blog (SE)

“In Albino, Mons Kallentoft and Anna Karolina are better than ever. […] Albino is captivating. With short chapters, many cliffhangers, and a language and a drive that is simply irresistible. […] A true page-turner. Just what a modern crime novel ought to be.”
Olivias deckarhylla, blog (SE)

“A thrilling book from the first to the last page. Frightening, brutal, and unpredictable.”
Zellys bokhylla, blog (SE)

“Fast-paced, brutal, and above all suspenseful!”
En blogg för bokugglor, blog (SE)

“It’s almost impossible to get enough of these characters. You just want to keep reading. […] Albino is the perfect book to read on a dark autumn night.”
Mysterierna, blog (SE)

“I just love this series, everything is so well thought-out.”
Bokraden, blog, 5/5 stars (SE)

Albino is excellent. Incredibly suspenseful, brutal, bloody, and unpredictable. This is truly one of my favorite book series.”
Bims blogg, blog (SE)

Mons Kallentoft is an award-winning, bestselling writer, beloved for his combination of psychological insight, intricate plots and raw, poetic prose. With the two thrillers in the Palma Diptych, Kallentoft breaks new ground and establishes himself at the forefront of contemporary Scandinavian crime.

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