Autumn Killing

A man is found dead, floating in the moat surrounding Skogså castle. Police detective Malin Fors has barely recovered from the attempted murder of her teenage daughter Tove from Summertime Death when she is appointed to the case. Family secrets, old but not forgotten love, revenge, money, or power – the potential motives for killing the well-known and ruthless businessman Jerry Petersson pile up. But Jerry was a wealthy loner, living in a castle by himself, and the police have difficulty coming to grips with who he really was.

Under a foreboding and seemingly ceaseless autumn rain, the investigation leads Malin and her partner Zeke to suspect the Fågelsjö family – the wealthy and powerful previous owners of Skogså castle. An infamous business partner in Tenerife also comes to their attention. A fatal car crash decades ago, from which Jerry survived, points in another direction. Or does the cold-case rape of Maria Murvall have something to do with Jerry’s murder?

Mysterious and self-made, Jerry shared some traits with Malin. Realizing this, Malin begins to dig into her own history, leading her to confront her parents in an attempt to unveil the nightmarish images that have haunted her for years. Real or imagined, intangible yet vital – the visions threaten to drag her down into alcoholism and utter self-destruction. But Malin has no margin for failure after her wrecked relationship with her ex-husband Janne and too many hours spent away from her daughter Tove. She teeters on the edge of total collapse, and falls.

Autumn Killing is the third thriller in the first suite in the series featuring beloved police detective Malin Fors, which established Mons Kallentoft as one of the bestselling suspense writers in Scandinavia. With Kallentoft’s rare psychologically insight and elegant writing, Autumn Killing delves deeper into Malin Fors’ early life, shedding new light on her present struggles and why she is on the verge of falling apart altogether.

“Police superintendent Malin Fors returns in this chilling third novel from the critically acclaimed author of Midwinter Blood, the first in the series and a splendid representative of the Swedish crime novel, in all its elegance and eeriness”
Booklist, starred review (US)

“Malin Fors’ weakness turns out to be the novel’s strength. It is obvious that it’s in the despair, the social insecurity, and the addiction to alcohol that Mons Kallentoft finds his greatest source of inspiration.”
Dagens Nyheter (SE)

Autumn Killing is full of dark prose, flawed characters and enough tragedy for three Shakespearean plays. Naturally, I couldn’t help but love every single word of it.”
Bookreporter (US)

“Among the best Swedish literature has to offer right now.”
Magnus Utvik, SVT Gomorron Sverige (SE)

“With Kallentoft’s writing we get a slightly different view of society than that presented by other crime writers. There is an ever-present sense of foreboding.”
Crimepieces (US)



“My current favourite among the Scandinavian crime writers is another Swede, Mons Kallentoft. So far, three of his Malin Fors books have been translated into English: Midwinter SacrificeSummertime Death, and Autumn Killing. I loved them all, particularly for the way Kallentoft gives a voice to his victims.”

Mons Kallentoft is an award-winning, bestselling writer, beloved for his combination of psychological insight, intricate plots and raw, poetic prose. With the two thrillers in the Palma Diptych, Kallentoft breaks new ground and establishes himself at the forefront of contemporary Scandinavian crime.

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