Dead Men Dancing

Summer has arrived in sleepy Haugesund and in the woods on the outskirts of town a ghost has risen from the ashes and lies in waiting, holding on to an old grudge that will prove deadly for the people he was once used to call friends.

Journalist Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson has teamed up with his colleague and friend Jossen, and started a popular true crime podcast where they look into cold cases. Volatile police investigator Lotte Skeisvoll has buried herself in work. A manhunt for a suspected ISIS warrior is underway, and the country’s terror threat level is on high alert. Meanwhile, Viljar and Lotte are living through a frighteningly real nightmare of their own. Together they covered up a murder a few months ago and while at first, they thought they had gotten away with it, their past now comes back to haunt them as they face the possibility of seeing an innocent man arrested for a crime they themselves committed.

While Viljar and Lotte are divided on what to do, Haugesund is once again plagued by a series of gruesome murders. A woman is eaten alive by rats, a man is stung to death by wasps. The common thread? Death by their greatest fear. Who knows the victims well enough to know what they feared most?

While odd things start happening to Viljar and he stumbles on new findings on a cold case, Lotte starts looking over her shoulder. It feels as though someone is following her. Her premonition becomes realized when five daisies from her sister Anne’s grave are uprooted and left at a site connected to one of the murders. What does the killer want with her? When it turns out that the two murder victims used to belong to the same group of friends in their youth it becomes apparent that the killer might be on a personal vendetta and that more people are in danger. When the third victim is found they soon they realize that Lotte might be next in line…

Dead Men Dancing is the third and final nail-biting instalment in Geir Tangen’s Haugesund trilogy featuring the enigmatic Lotte Skeisvoll and Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson. With his signature humour and breath-taking twists at breakneck speed, Geir Tangen finalizes his bestselling trilogy with a page-turner that will keep the reader hooked to the very last page.

“Geir Tangen offers something completely different. He gives us crime. Unpretentious suspense. A tale where nothing is left unsaid. Brutal entertainment then and there. It’s annoyingly good. […] Impressive. […] Tangen’s best book.”
Haugesunds Avis, 5/6 (NO)

“This is an excellent series. […] Dead Men Dancing is a first rate thriller, albeit of the gorier kind. On the other hand it holds an undertone of human kindness and understanding, that elevates Geir Tangen’s story from mere drama to great literature.”
Avisen Danmark / Jysk Fynske Medier (DK)

“The story is thrillingly constructed and as a reader I’m constantly urged to read on to see what happens to the scruffy Viljar and the correct Lotte. At times I felt a lump in my throat and other times I just thought ‘WOW!’ So this was a crime novel completely to my liking, and I’m so excited to see what Geir Tangen will come up with next after this trilogy. Highly recommended.”
Mine Bøker, blog 5/6 (NO)

“Geir Tangen does it so well. With the sure hand of an artist he paints a complete picture with a sense for the whole, packed with all the little details that goes into a great piece of art, that you never get tired of. He has written yet another great crime novel. I’ve been incredibly entertained by Dead Men Dancing […] Tangen is an excellent writer. He writes with humor, a sense of style, and with a deep understanding for the crime genre […] If you’re looking for a great reading experience, grab hold of Tangen’s Maestro, Heartbreaker, or Dead Men Dancing. Even if this is the end of this trilogy, I’m hoping for more crime novels from him. I am a fan!”
Bogblogger, blog (DK)

Dead Men Dancing is a thrilling and worthy end to this trilogy. And I’m going to miss them, Viljar and Lotte. At the same time I respect the decision to stop here, even when so many readers are asking for more. No matter what, I’m sure we’ll se more devious murders from this pen in the years to come. And I’m excited about it!”
Bjørne bok, blog 5/6 (NO)

“It’s bold, hair-raising, and thrilling from start to finish. That someone would actually know your innermost fear… […] I am sad that this is the final book about Lotte and Viljar. I think they are an amazing duo.”
Krummes krummelurer, blog 5/5 (DK)

“Damn what a thrilling book! No lack of plot here! A creeping, sickening feeling lures over you while reading. […] I could not put this book down. […] Tangen nails it with this trilogy!”
Med bog og palett, blog (NO)

“Geir Tangen sure knows how to write. Captivating and thrilling, and in a way that simply haves you begging for more, wishing the story never ends. […] Geir Tangen has once more delivered a masterpiece!”
Livet i dukkehuset, blog 6/6 (DK)

“I can only say that my highly set expectations for Dead Men Dancing has certainly been met. Geir Tangen writes incredibly well, and not least, captivatingly. […] There’s no doubt that Geir Tangen has great knowledge about the crime genre, it permeates throughout his books.”
Bechs Books, blog 6/6 (DK)

“The plot is one of the best I’ve read in the long time, and skillfully constructed. My greatest compliments!”
Bogfidusen, blog 5/6 (DK)

“An incredibly good crime novel. ”
Findals Krimiside, blog 5/5 (DK)

Geir Tangen is a writer, teacher and crime book blogger from Haugesund, Norway, whose bestselling debut crime novel, Maestro, has been sold to 15 countries.

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