Even if Everything Ends

It is the summer when the climate crisis escalates beyond our worst nightmares and raging wildfires in the Swedish countryside suddenly turn unwitting holidaymakers into climate refugees. And yet, against this hellscape, life must carry on as usual: teenage love stories, marital collapses, identity crises and revolts against hopeless parents continue to play out, even when reality is falling apart.

Didrik is a forty-year-old media consultant whose macho efforts to become the hero that saves his family render him a pathetic vision of masculine impotence. Melissa is a climate change denying influencer with a suitcase full of tragic dreams behind the superficial social media façade. André is the nineteen-year-old loser son of an international sports star who uses the erupting violence around him to orchestrate his own personal revenge on his negligent father. Vilja is Didrik’s fourteen-year-old daughter who steps into the unexpected role of competent organizer in the face of adult ineptitude.

Through these four inter-connected perspectives, seasoned writer Jens Liljestrand paints a picture of a very near future that is at once extraordinary and entirely realistic– while never ceasing to find dark humor at every turn. Using the acute climate crisis as a backdrop, Even if Everything Ends chronicles how the struggles of ordinary people go on even as the world as we know it is coming to an end.

Jens Liljestrand is a critically acclaimed Swedish journalist and writer who made his debut in 2003. His latest novel, Even if Everything Ends, is published by Albert Bonniers Förlag in September, 2021.

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