Forget Me

Alex and his brother are on their way to the cottage in Värmland where they spent so many happy childhood summers. But this trip is shrouded in darkness. Barricaded in the bedroom of the cottage is their mother Lisette, in the throws of one of her countless drunken benders. The brothers haven’t been able to reach Lisette for days, and if something isn’t done soon, she’ll drink herself to death. Now Alex must confront the disease that has been poisoning the family and his relationship with his mother for the past thirty years.

Through flashbacks to his childhood, Alex takes us back to where it all started: the apartment in the safe Stockholm suburb; the holidays in Spain; the summers in Värmland; and his mother’s voice, whispering loving words in his ear. When Alex turns eight , a dark veil descends upon the rose-tinted memories: the young boy loses his adoring, funny, and joyous mother to alcohol and out comes a bitter, aggressive, and fickle woman. The addiction becomes a looming presence in the life of the once happy family. Alex and his brothers hide empty wine bottles so as not to embarrass their mother, and there’s a silent agreement to never speak of her problems aloud.

Even as Alex becomes an adult and starts going to therapy to deal with the death of his father, he doesn’t talk about his mother’s alcoholism. Not even his wife knows how bad things really are. But when Alex and his wife come home to find his mother drunk while babysitting their youngest daughter, something snaps. Alex demands she seek help, but Lisette pushes him away and vows never to see her son again.

Back in the summer cottage where it all started, Alex and his brother finally manage to persuade their mother to seek help. But is it too late? Will they, after so much pain and so many harsh words, be able to reach some form of atonement? Is the glittering mother they once knew still alive within the aging and alcoholised woman before them?

Forget Me is a searing account of growing up in co-dependency with a beloved parent who is slipping away into darkness and violence. From one of Sweden’s most popular contemporary writers comes a gripping memoir that offers an eye-opening perspective on life in the shadows of addiction.

ALEX SCHULMAN is a writer and journalist from Sweden. He has written four bestselling autobiographical books, one of which was named Book of the Year in Sweden in 2017. With his fifth book and his first novel, The Survivors, he now makes his big international debut.

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