Hear Me Whisper

Tim Blanck has returned to Stockholm to be with his wife Rebecca and their newborn daughter and is trying to come to terms with a life without Emme. But the solution to what happened to her that Tim unearthed in See Me Fall soon turns out to be a mirage – she is not dead, as he had feared. Instead, there is clear indication that she is in fact alive.

Tim can’t bear playing happy family in Stockholm. His conscience and the promise he made to Emme, to never stop searching, is tearing him apart and forces him back to the island of Mallorca.

On the five-year anniversary of Emme’s disappearance, the case gets new attention and Tim picks up the search with fervor. His own integrity is put to the test when he is offered vital information in exchange for dirty work on behalf of an infamous mafia boss – and he accepts.

Our leading man now has his hands dirty and has gained dangerous insight into a ruthless underworld, thereby becoming the target of violent forces within organized crime who are trying to plug the leak. Tim’s life is on the line, but he is getting close to understanding what happened to his daughter. Could she be a victim of trafficking? The hunt brings him to Málaga in mainland Spain.

Back in Stockholm, Rebecca is trying to be as good a mother she can to their newborn daughter Maia, but Tim’s search for Emme is weighing on her. She goes back to work, trying to uphold a façade of normalcy. Aware of the threat against him, Tim is trying his hardest not to involve Rebecca in his search for Emme, but it soon becomes apparent that Rebecca and Maia are not safe in Stockholm…

Fearing for their lives, Rebecca makes a snap decision and brings Maia with her to Spain, against Tim’s wishes and ends up saving his life. Together they are stronger, and the truth of what happened to Emme is both more twisted and more hopeful than we could have imagined. In the end, paradise may not be restored, but life prevails.

“Hear Me Whisper is a stand alone continuation to the successful thriller See Me Fall by the experienced and skilled crime writer Mons Kallentoft. Kallentoft continues to dig into the hellish darkness of human trafficking, showing new and highly sympathetic sides in this taut – and from start to finish – very exciting novel. But Hear Me Whisper is much more than that; it is a gripping and plausible yet terrifying story with an important message.”
Viktor Andersson, 4/5, BTJ no.10 (SE)

“Few can match Mons Kallentoft’s skill when it comes to portraying a kind of inner inferno. […] In last year’s See Me Fall, Tim Blanck was searching for his daughter who disappeared on a trip to Mallorca. In the new book, Hear Me Whisper, he desperately continues his search. […] It’s a nerve-wracking tale, written in a feverish prose where Blanck’s despair can be felt long after having finished reading. It is clear how deeply Kallentoft feels for his protagonist.”

“Mons Kallentoft shows good form and class in a second novel that puts an end to Tim Blanck’s search once and for all.
dalarnas tidningar (SE)

“Mons Kallentoft tells a thrilling story highlighting the lengths a parent is willing to go to find their missing child.”

“The sequel to See Me Fall leads us even further into the darkness, and allows the language to mirror the father’s desperate search for his daughter. A gut-wrenching read.”
göteborgs-posten (SE)

“This series is now perfect. Two is the magic number. Kallentoft has created his own narrative technique and a poetical style where long passages would easily fit in alongside modern poems at a poetry slam reading. […] Kallentoft performs brilliantly, and proves that he is a true master of words. See Me Fall and Hear Me Whisper are, together, Mons Kallentoft’s undeniable Magnum Opus.”
Tidningen Kulturvinden (SE)

“Mons Kallentoft truly shines in this book with a beautiful and poetical style.”
Dast Magazine (SE)

“This is a real hit, Kallentoft’s best book so far. With a plot that lasts all the way through to the end where everything falls into place just as it should, in the very final, trembling moments of the book. […] It’s so well-written, thrilling, and unpredictable. […] This is a true page turner that you won’t let go of until you’ve finished it. Suspense at the highest level!”
Bokprataren, blog (SE)

“Suspense, despair, love, and conscience: all emotions are tangible in this excellent book. […] A page-turner that’s impossible to put down.”
Bokens betyg, blog (SE)

“Thrilling, captivating, and well-written!”
Jennys boklista, blog (SE)

“When I read See Me Fall I thought it was the best book [Kallentoft] has written. Hear Me Whisper is just as good!”
Kapprakt, blog (SE)

“This book is well-written, thrilling, moving, intense, and just really good.”
Bims blogg, blog (SE)

Hear Me Whisper is well-written, thrilling, and moving. The denouement is so intense you almost forget to breathe.”
Olivias deckarhylla, blog (SE)

Mons Kallentoft is an award-winning, bestselling writer, beloved for his combination of psychological insight, intricate plots and raw, poetic prose. With the two thrillers in the Palma Diptych, Kallentoft breaks new ground and establishes himself at the forefront of contemporary Scandinavian crime.

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