Four months have gone by since Haugesund was plagued by the Maestro, and even though she’s far from well, Lotte Skeisvoll has willed herself back to work. She and Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson have become close friends, but their newfound friendship will soon be put to the test when Viljar once again finds himself in a nightmare: his 17 year-old son, Alexander, wakes up next to a dead girl and gets arrested on charges of her murder. All evidence and the witnesses from the party point to Alexander. But no one was in the room when Emilie Vormedal was murdered, no one but Alexander – who claims to remember nothing.

Viljar is the only one who believes in Alexander’s innocence and he sets out to clear his son’s name. When Lotte, who is cracking under pressure and the trauma from her sister’s murder in Maestro, is deemed unfit to serve and gets suspended from the police force, she partners up with Viljar to solve the case in their own rogue investigation.

But when two other youngsters who attended the same party as Alexander and Emilie are found dead, the investigation takes a new and surprising turn. Are they dealing with the same brutal killer or is it all an improbable coincidence?

The deeper Lotte digs, the clearer it becomes that Alexander might not be the innocent boy his father thinks he is. She discovers disturbing ties to a right-wing extremist group and when confronted with this, Viljar starts questioning how well he really knows his own son. Viljar decides to confront the leader of the right-wing group who he believes have ensnared Alexander into their sinister organization. But the meeting goes horribly wrong and just as Viljar’s life is about to spiral completely out of control, Lotte swoops in and proves just how far she’s willing to go for her friend.

Dark, suspenseful and an even deeper dive into the complex characters from bestselling debut MaestroHeartbreaker is the thrilling second instalment in Geir Tangen’s Haugesund Series about Lotte Skeisvoll and Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson.

“A thrilling, haunting, and gripping thriller!”

“A well-written and well-constructed story that has nothing of the slowness of some Nordic crime novels, but rather is swift. A surprising crime novel that thrills unto the very last page, and reminds us that some mistakes can change an entire life, and sometimes more than one.
Milanonera (IT)

“A thrilling and topical crime novel.
litteratursiden (dk)

“Norwegian writer Geir Tangen has yet again written an excellent crime novel. […] Apart from being incredibly thought-provoking this is also an extremely suspenseful book.
krimifan (DK)

“I’m impressed by Geir Tangen and the way he constructs his text and plot.”
Haugesunds avis (NO)

“With Heartbreaker [Tangen] strengthens his reputation as a talented thriller writer, this book is a truly exciting Scandi thriller. […] The book is also an ode to the Scandinavian crime novel, and contains references to other writers. […] Tangen is one of the Scandinavian writers you ought to keep an eye on. It’s impressive that this is only his second book. We look forward to the third book in the trilogy about Viljar and Lotte!”

“Heartbreaker holds surprising turns and unexpected events, and above all the thought of how fragile life can be. 

“Geir Tangen has done it again. Kept me awake. Tangen has a rare and good insight into the youth culture of today. His portrayal of what they think and how they act is real and authentic. It’s as if he himself were present at the lethal party in the book. […] The suspense is real and palpable, the mysteries vague and seem impossible to solve, before the author gives you yet another thread.”

“Thrilling, captivating, and entertaining!”

“Geir Tangen has crushed all myths about the difficult second book. Whether or not he found writing it hard I know nothing about, but the result is completely brilliant, with a suspense that keeps a firm grip on the reader. […] Heartbreaker is tightly directed, consistently executed, and all loose threads are neatly tied together in the end. The writing and the language is perfect for this kind of story, and I simply must tip my hat. […] This author knows how to create memorable characters. There’s something vulnerable about many of them, without making them pitiful. These are people I’m looking forward to meeting again, in the third and last book in the series. Do you want to read crime that captivates you from the first to the last page, which keeps surprising you and is impossible to put down? Then Heartbreaker is the book for you!”

“I like Tangen’s writing, it’s effortless and captures the reader’s interest. His storytelling is appealing and interesting […] his characters are vulnerable, which gives the text credibility and authenticity. […] I’m excited to the rest of this trilogy and how Tangen will wrap this up.”
mummo matkalla, BLOG (fi)

“A thrilling crime novel!
De Perfecte Buren, blog 4/5 (NL)

“I love the protagonists, Lotte and Viljar, two characters who couldn’t be more different, a truly successful pairing. […] The writer’s fluid style makes you soar through the 500 pages. The narrative style is visually stunning and captivating. […] I wholly recommend this book. A thrilling reading experience that invites you to join in on the puzzle. And a protagonist duo that is different, but who always stick together when the going gets tough.”
Susus Leseecke, blog 4/5 (DE)

I’m so happy Maestro has gotten a sequel – and it’s strong and quite aggressive. It’s smoothly written but it’s everything but simple. The protagonists are interesting. I can’t wait for the ending of this trilogy!”
kirjat ketovat, BLOG (fi)

“This is an incredibly well-written book. It has all the qualities of a great crime novel.
Raamatukäpp, blog (ee)

Crime book blogger and crime writer Geir Tangen has yet again written a great and surprising crime novel with many references (and surely there are more than the once I found) to other crime novels and crime writers, but this time the underlying seriousness makes it an even stronger read.”
Drustrups bogblog, blog 9/10 (DK)

Heartbreaker had me glued to the pages, I just couldn’t lay the book aside. […] Heartbreaker is a fantastic reminder of why I love Nordic crime. A wistful style combined with dark humor. What more can you ask for in a brilliant thriller?”

“I loved this book from the beginning to the very end. […] Heartbreaker is a gem that proves that Norwegians know how to write suspense.

“I am crazy about Geir Tangen’s books. I loved Maestro and I love Heartbreaker. […] I can’t wait for the third book in the series!”
Bogblondinen, BLOG 5/6  (dk)

“A super crime novel from Geir Tangen! […] It’s no secret that I was crazy about Geir Tangen’s first book Maestro. So I was very excited about Heartbreaker. […] He writes with suspense and he is not afraid to get himself involved in his own story, this time through intertextuality; references to other crime novels. The work as a kind of reality inside the fictive world, even if they are fictitious in themselves. […] Slowly the layers of the story are revealed, to great sacrifice for some of our protagonists. It’s so thrilling and I’m really looking forward to the next book about Viljar and Lotte.
Bogblogger, BLOG (dk)

“There’s not a dull moment – the reader is kept on high alert thanks to the fast pace and constant twists and returns. […] Geir Tangen confirms that he is a writer who makes suspense the lifeblood of his stories. Highly recommended if you love thrilling books that keeps you glued to the pages – then this is the book for you!
Katia’s book blog, BLOG (IT)

Geir Tangen is a writer, teacher and crime book blogger from Haugesund, Norway, whose bestselling debut crime novel, Maestro, has been sold to 15 countries.

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