The House Next Door

Micke and his wife Bianca move from Stockholm to the small town of Köpinge in search of a quiet life for themselves and their two young children. They buy a house in an idyllic neighborhood where everything seems perfect for their little family to settle down. Micke is a teacher at the local school, Bianca is a stay-at-home mom, and their children are happy and well adjusted. But when Bianca is hit by a car outside their home, a car driven by a next-door neighbor named Jacqueline, the rumors start spreading – was it really an accident?

Bianca is rushed to the hospital and Micke follows in shock. While Bianca hovers between life and death, Micke finds himself at the edge of a dark abyss – how can he go on without his beloved wife? And what really happened to her? Everyone knows the relationship between Bianca and Jacqueline was tense, but was Jacqueline desperate enough to kill? The stakes are raised when Micke learns Jacqueline was not alone in the car on that fateful afternoon: her son Fabian was with her. And when Micke hears that Ola, a man with whom Bianca had grown unsettlingly close over the past few months, had also been spotted in the car – everything is turned upside down.

Told through shifting perspectives in the voices of Micke, Jacqueline and Fabian, the novel moves between the time before and after the accident, revealing a web of relationships and deception that surprises at every turn. The seemingly idyllic neighborhood is not so peaceful after all and violence is lurking just around the corner…

In The House Next Door, Mattias Edvardsson takes us on a suspenseful ride behind the closed doors of a suburban neighborhood where everyone seems to know everything about everyone, but nothing is actually as it seems.

Mattias Edvardsson is a writer and teacher from Trelleborg, Sweden. His break-out psychological suspense novel A Nearly Normal Family was published by Bokförlaget Forum in the summer of 2018 and has gone to become a runaway bestseller in Sweden and had huge international success.

His follow up novel, The House Next Door, will be published in June 2020.


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