A dead boy is found frozen stiff in a factory chimney. Skilled investigator Zack Herry, hailed as a hero by the press, is the first police officer to arrive at the crime scene. The expression left on the boy’s face tells an unmistakable story of fear and pain. The marks on his body speak of cold-hearted torture. No one has reported the boy missing. He’s but one of thousands of young refugees from the Middle East without parents or papers – easy prey. Yet how is it possible that children can disappear and not be missed?

A policeman involved in the investigation is murdered and left with a note, warning his colleagues of the dire consequences to come if they don’t drop the case. When a film of another boy in a cage is sent to the police, it becomes clear that they’re dealing with a serial killer that has a taste for riddles – and rare brutality. In the film, the murderer appears as a ghastly lion while toying with his victim. The boy is given only a few days to live, forcing Zack and his colleague Deniz to work round the clock in a race against time…

Meanwhile, Zack is confronted by internal police investigators. Grieving his mother and in lack of answers about her murder, Zack is drawn to the ease and thrill of drugs – and to the criminals that provide them. Though his insights into Stockholm’s criminal underbelly is of help to his work, his addiction is getting out of hand, risking his job altogether. His girlfriend Mera wants a child, but his drug-use makes Zack consider himself unfit to be a parent. Can Zack overcome his demons and create a future with Mera? Can Deniz, haunted by memories of war and loss in Kurdistan, rescue Zack from his looming chaos?

In Leon, Stockholm has lost all color. A grey cold reigns and time is scarce. Intricate, tight-knit and raw, Leon is the second novel in the bestselling Zack-series, written by Mons Kallentoft and Markus Lutteman in collaboration.

“I’m hooked, because this author duo can certainly tell a story.”
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

Leon is a page-turner that demands to be read in one sitting.”
Crimegarden (SE)

“The book is impossible to put down!”

“I salute these two gents who know how to write a perfect hardboiled crime novel, that leaves the reader gasping for air.”

Mons Kallentoft is an award-winning, bestselling writer, beloved for his combination of psychological insight, intricate plots and raw, poetic prose. With the two thrillers in the Palma Diptych, Kallentoft breaks new ground and establishes himself at the forefront of contemporary Scandinavian crime.

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