When journalist Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson receives a strange email from someone claiming to take on the role of judge and executioner for a local woman, he first dismisses it as a sick joke – it seems too much like something out of a bad crime novel. He forwards the email to the police and then tries to forget all about it. But the letter keeps eating away at him, and when a woman is found murdered the next day, Viljar realizes he should have listened to his instincts. While the police question Viljar, he receives a new email from the killer with yet another premonition of death. And so begins the hunt for a singularly sick serial killer.

At first the murderer appears excessively careless, leaving blatant traces all over the crime scenes. Skilled yet eccentric investigator Lotte Skeisvoll realizes that taunting the police is part of the killer’s intricate plan, and that they need to figure out the killer’s next move – and quick. Victim after victim falls prey to increasingly brutal murders and still the police seem no closer to zeroing in on the killer. Lotte’s obsessive-compulsive nature is working against her in a case where it seems that speed is of the essence. There is finally a break in the investigation when it is revealed that the murders have striking similarities to scenes out of popular crime novels. But who is the copycat killer, and how can he always be one step ahead?

The police have found incriminating evidence that Viljar had known the first victim intimately, even though he claims to have no knowledge of her. When Viljar also finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, he suddenly becomes the police’s lead suspect. Viljar begins to fear that someone is trying to set him up. But who? And why?

Maestro surprises, chills, and delights at every unexpected turn. Debut novelist Geir Tangen toys with the conventions of the genre, playing a game with the reader while introducing a rich and compelling cast of characters. In this compulsive page-turner, a dizzyingly smart and sick murderer uses our heroes as pawns for the completion of the movements of his brutal masterpiece.

Maestro is the first installment featuring journalist Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson and Investigator Lotte Skeisvoll.

“Thrilling, humorous, and playful. […] Tangen knows crime.”
Dagbladet, five stars (NO)

“A magnificent crime debut from Norway’s biggest crime blogger. […] Well-composed, well-written, funny, and brutal. In short: a great crime novel, with a few bold, unexpected twists at the end.”
BOK, five stars (NO)

“The suspense is creeping down my neck. Geir Tangen has written a riveting novel.”
Haugesunds Avis (NO)

There are crime novels you simply have to read. Well-written and with a level of suspense that is heightened page after page, a touch of humor and characters who are exciting, authentic, and each with their individual qualities. Geir Tangen is a master in his own right. He conducts his plot with elegance and linguistic precision.

“Geir Tangen plays masterfully with the crime genre. […] The result is a teasing and original story, balancing between classic crime and genre pastische. On the one hand we get a fine description of a Norwegian smalltown and its inhabitants. On the other hand, the reader is forced to ponder over the different tactics that are used to make a crime novel come together.”
Jyllandsposten, five stars (DK)

“This is a fiercely splendid story where (almost) all clichés are lined up, and the author really has use of his obvious knowledge of crime literature. A major plus for the sense of humor, the local colour, and character descriptions that really stand out in the book and cast long shadows. The intrigue holds fully to the welcomingly unexpected ending. […] A potential crime classic from Haugesund.”
Stavanger Aftenblad (NO)

Maestro is pitch perfect!! […] A sensationally good debut.”
Leslysten (NO)

Maestro is a great and thrilling crime novel from a brand-new name in Scandinavian crime.”
Kristeligt Dagblad (DK)

“Norway’s biggest crime book blogger with more than 170 000 readers have debuted as a writer. And he does it damn well.”
Søndag (DK)

“Entertaining and thrilling with a surprising plot.”
Familie Journal (DK)

“It’s an excellent suspense novel with a highly original plot.”
Københavneravisen (DK)

“The Maestro masterly leads the protagonists and the readers through a labyrint of suspense and murder. […] The plot is truly well-constructed, and you’re guided through the story in an outstanding way. The surprises come one after another, and it’s highly entertaining and suspenseful. You can’t tell this is a debut. […] A well-composed masterpiece, which ought to be read by all fans of Nordic crime.”

“Just what a good crime novel ought to be!”
My Criminal Mind, blog (NO)

Maestro has a different, intuitive, and genius plot. […] Geir Tangen has a great language, a sharp narrative, well-crafted clues, humor, and a superb plot. […] Nothing less than brilliant!”
Pias Kulturkrok, blog (NO)

Maestro was the most exciting crime novel of the summer. Had I carried a pulsometer I’m sure I would’ve detected an abnormally high pulse during the finale. […] This is crime at its very best! The character portrayal is excellent and the plot is original. […] Impossible to put down in the midst of all the drama.”

“A shockingly thrilling crime novel, well written and with an intense drive from the first page to the unexpected ending.”
Med bog og palett, blog (NO)

“This was a very good debut! It’s not often that I sit smiling while reading gory crime novels. But the plot, the setting, and the surprising turns made me smile. But don’t let yourself be fooled by this. It’s a very good story, very thrilling at times and the finale? I did not see that coming! […] This is a good, captivating crime novel.”
Born To Be a Reader, blog (NO)

“Very impressive craftmanship. […] The language is exceedingly good, and there’s great drive from the beginning to the end […] This is well composed and bodes very well for the future. I’m already looking forward to the next book – may it come soon.”
Beates bokhjerte, blog (NO)

“There’s something totally unique with this book, something that really makes me like it, and that is Geir Tangen’s very successful play with the genre. […] This book really stands out.”
Skrivehula, blog (NO)

I was truly entertained throughout this elegant and thrilling story.
Geir Tangen masters his method and narrative technique to a T.”
Krimifan, blog (DK)

“A tremendous book with rich style and a surprising and ingenious plot!”
Den kriminelle bokverden, blog (NO)

“You know that feeling when you’re reading an extremely good book and you just don’t want it to end, so you try to prolong it by procrastinating? This is how I felt about this new crime novel. […] The book held me captive from start to finish, and in the end I sat breathless. […] I look very much forward to reading the next book in the series. This one is highly recommendable and I’m sure it will be something for fans of Jo Nesbø.”
Bech’s Books, blog (DK)

“Tangen has written a crime novel where the readers are constantly kept on their toes. […] This is crime well-done with all the right ingredients such a book needs. I’ve read many crime novels and it’s hard to find new ones, but I must admit I’m impressed and that this debut writer has managed to create an original and solid crime novel that’s nearly perfect.”
Boknørden, blog (DK)

“I love the references to other books in the genre. It’s a cool nod to writer colleagues  and readers. I think it will be worth following this writer and the continuation of the series. I highly recommend this book.”
kocham Cię, moje życie, blog (PL)

Geir Tangen is a writer, teacher and crime book blogger from Haugesund, Norway, whose bestselling debut crime novel, Maestro, has been sold to 15 countries.

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