The Boy in The Headlights

Winter 1999. An old man is driving home after celebrating Christmas with his family. Suddenly, his headlights catch something up ahead and he hits the brakes desperately, thinking it’s an animal. The man makes the stop by a hair, only to discover what’s really in front of him: a young boy, in shock, almost frozen to death. On his head the boy is wearing a set of deer antlers.

Fourteen years later, a ballerina is found brutally murdered in a lake up in the mountains. Detectives discover a camera on a stand directed at the crime scene in a nearby forest. Holger Munch, who has been on personal leave, returns to active duty to take the case and he gets Oslo’s famed homicide unit back on its feet.

Mia Krüger has been to rehab and is clean again. She’s about to go on a well-earned holiday to the Caribbean when Holger Munch shows up, tail between legs, to have her take a look at the case they are working on. This time it does not take much to bring Mia on board. She decides to postpone her vacation and give Munch one week to help him solve the case. As more victims surface, Mia realizes that there appears to be an uncanny resemblance to old cases from her past…

A clue leads to a psychologist with a private clinic who has connections to more than one victim. Mia and Munch pay him a fruitless visit, but Mia suspects the psychologist is hiding something. Against her better judgement, she coerces her colleague Gabriel Mørk into hacking into the psychologist’s medical files. Gabriel feels uneasy about the violation, but goes through with it nonetheless. Little do either of them know that this will lead Gabriel in a very unexpected and horrifying direction…

In The Boy in the Headlights, we once again follow Mia Krüger, Holger Munch and their team on the hunt for a cunning killer. International bestselling writer Samuel Bjørk spins a masterful plot while creating flesh and blood characters that get under your skin. With this third book in the Mia and Munch series, Bjørk further strengthens his position as Scandinavia’s new crime star.

Samuel Bjørk is the pen name of Norwegian novelist, playwright and singer/songwriter Frode Sander Øien. Bjørk’s first installment in the Mia and Munch Series, I’m Traveling Alone, is an international success story that has gained critical acclaim and captivated readers all over the world, including hitting #1 on German newspaper Der Spiegel‘s bestseller list.

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