The Friend

August, 2015. Young aspiring diplomat Jacob Seger arrives in Lebanon with a head full of dreams. He has left a murky past behind to embrace a promising future in diplomacy and the position as an intern at the Swedish embassy in Beirut is just the first step toward his new life. Or so he thinks. What Jacob doesn’t know is just how dramatic of a turn his life is about to take…

November, 2015. Klara Walldéen has returned to the Stockholm archipelago to bury her beloved grandfather. Her best friend Gabriella, Gabi, is of course by her side. But Gabi is distracted, and Klara senses immediately that something is wrong. When Gabi is arrested in an anti-terrorism sting operation in Stockholm, Klara knows her time has come: it is her turn to help her friend, the way Gabi has always helped her. After finding notes in Gabi’s purse mentioning a secret trip to Brussels to meet a young Swedish diplomat, Klara sets out to take her friend’s place in order to clear her name.

On his first night in Beirut, Jacob meets a handsome, mysterious man named Yassim in whose eyes Jacob sees his soul reflected. And so begins a passionate, obsessive relationship that clouds out everything else. But Yassim is elusive. He claims his job as a war photographer is what takes him across the border into Syria, but when a Swedish intelligence officer named Myriam confronts Jacob with the claim that Yassim is actually a terrorist, Jacob’s world is turned upside down. Who is he to believe? And what should he do? If he obeys Myriam and becomes a spy in her service, he must betray the man he loves. But if he disobeys, the future he has worked for years to build will be shattered. Faced with an impossible decision, Jacob chooses to follow his heart, and a heart-stopping cat and mouse game across Europe begins. When a large-scale terror plan is uncovered, Jacob must confront his own role in a complicated game he is wholly unprepared to handle.

In Brussels, the city she hasn’t returned to since the death of her ex-boyfriend and her father, Klara is reunited with George Lööw. To her surprise, the suave lobbyist has shed his slick exterior and decided to leave the shadowy workings of his previous job behind. In Brussels, George and Klara come face to face with a terrified Jacob, whom Gabi was apparently trying to help. Now they must decide whom to trust and how to save themselves while the noose tightens. Klara, George, and Jacob set o on a furious race across Europe in order to stop a pending terrorist attack and get to the bottom of who Yassim really is. As a dangerous adventure brings them together once again, Klara and George find themselves inexorably drawn to one another…

The Friend takes the reader on a gripping adventure, moving with a furious pace from Beirut, to Brussels, to Stock- holm. Zander paints a moving love story into the expertly plotted form of a breathless thriller that casts light on the complexities of international politics and the terror threat facing the world today.

In this elegant and action-packed sequel to international bestselling thrillers The Swimmer and The Brother, Joakim Zander wraps up the story of our fragile yet fierce heroine Klara Walldéen and proves once again that he is a rare master of the genre.

“For the last twenty years, Henning Mankell has set the standard for this genre. Now Joakim Zander does.”
WDR2 (Germany)

“Joakim Zander’s new thriller The Friend is an incredibly thrilling tale. […] If you’re a fan of topical issues and lots of action, then Joakim Zander’s engaging thriller The Friend is definitely the book for you!”
Hallo Buch (Germany)

“Zander has once again written an incredibly thrilling and competent crime novel about his protagonist Klara Walldéen.”
Der Kultur Blog (Germany)

Joakim Zander made a huge splash internationally with his debut novel, The Swimmer, which has wowed readers in 30 countries. Zander has become known for his poetic language, nail-biting suspense, and believable insider look into the workings of big politics.

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