Water Angels

September has arrived in Linköping when the bodies of a wealthy couple is found, floating belly up in their own hot tub, chests riddled with bullet holes. The couple’s young daughter Ella is missing without a trace: someone must have taken her.

As Malin Fors, Zeke Martinsson, and their new colleague Elin Sand begin questioning family and friends of the couple, they learn that the murdered woman, Cecilia, was involved in a bitter family feud with her sister. Cecilia had inherited a large sum of money that her sister and brother-in-law were desperate to lay their hands on. But desperate enough to kill?

Five year-old Ella had been adopted from Vietnam, and the police wonder whether the tentacles of corruption extending to the international adoption industry might have something to do with the brutal murders. The further the police get in the investigation, the more new questions arise, past the point where it’s possible to distinguish between good and evil, right from wrong. To make things even worse, the shadows soon creep close to home as Malin realizes that Karin Johannison, the team’s forensic investigator and Zeke’s ex-lover, recently adopted a child from Taiwan…

Malin is pressed to the brink. She misses her daughter Tove who has moved to another part of the country to study at a snobby boarding school, a fact that Malin is less than fond of.  And even though she’s now in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, Dr. Peter Hamse, Malin doesn’t feel entirely sure of him. He wants a child, and she doesn’t know if she can give him one. The injuries she sustained while on a case the previous spring may be too severe, and she fears Peter will leave her if he learns the truth.

Malin soon finds herself in a downward spiral, losing the battle against alcoholism once more. If she wants to save the abducted girl and solve the murders, she needs to remain sober. It becomes clear that Malin Fors, the bright star of the Linköping police force, must face the darkness within herself headfirst before she crosses the point of no return.

Water Angels is the first thriller in the second suite about police detective Malin Fors. With Water Angels, Kallentoft proves that there is more to Malin Fors’s story yet to be told, cracking open another jewel box of fascinating psychological insight into one of Scandinavian crime’s favorite antiheroines.

“Water Angels is Mons Kallentoft’s sixth haunting, lyrical crime novel featuring Inspector Malin Fors, a ‘lone wolf’ who ‘hunts people who need to be hunted’”.
The Sydney Morning Herald (AU)

“Mons Kallentoft, whose fey, atmospheric series featuring Inspector Malin Fors has a weighty new entry in Water Angels.”
The Independent (UK)

Water Angels is about the unpredictable impact that our individual actions have in a time of globalization. The world is like water and we are incapable of understanding the ways of the waves.”
Svenska Dagbladet (SE)

“Readable, vivid, implacable.”
Göteborgs-Posten (SE)

Water Angels might be Mons Kallentoft’s best crime novel. So far, that is.”
Corren (SE)

“It’s almost impossible not to keep reading Water Angels because Mons Kallentoft is still one of the best in the country when it comes to his language.”
Gefle Dagblad (SE)

“I’m intrigued by the author’s love for his protagonist – Malin Fors. She comes more alive with every book.”
Dalarnas Tidning (SE)

Mons Kallentoft is an award-winning, bestselling writer, beloved for his combination of psychological insight, intricate plots and raw, poetic prose. With the two thrillers in the Palma Diptych, Kallentoft breaks new ground and establishes himself at the forefront of contemporary Scandinavian crime.

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