The Borderland Suite

In five critically acclaimed stand-alone thrillers, Tove Alsterdal moves effortlessly across the physical and invisible boundaries of countries, people, and time. From the borderlands of the Torne Valley in the north of Sweden and Finland, via the bustling streets of Buenos Aires and the banlieues of Paris to the Spanish coast and the region between the Czech Republic and Germany once known as Sudetenland; no matter where she takes us, Alsterdal depicts how a complex present intricately intertwines with unresolved wounds from the past.

To read Alsterdal’s books is to be thrilled, but also to be touched by characters reverberating with life. Her protagonists are caught up in the borderland between right and wrong, where it’s not always apparent who is a victim and who is a perpetrator. In each instalment in the Borderland Suite, Alsterdal offers an alternative view on historical and contemporary issues, all while compelling the reader to turn the page.

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Tove Alsterdal is one of Sweden’s most renowned suspense writers. Her novels have been published in 19 countries and she has won literary prizes in Sweden and France. Her third novel, The Disappeared, earned her the award for Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year in 2014 and was a finalist for the Glass Key Award. Her fifth novel, Erasure, was published in January 2019.

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