The Leo Junker Series

After a tragic event during his youth in the blue-collar Stockholm suburb of Salem, a sensitive young man named Leo Junker decides to become a police officer. He shows early promise and is recruited to become a special detective in the Internal Investigations Unit. While there, he is pulled into a dramatic incident with a catastrophic outcome: a police officer is shot dead, and Leo was the one holding the gun. From that moment on, Leo’s world is shattered and he walks through life in a nervous haze, abusing prescription drugs to stave off an acute anxiety disorder.

The great love of Leo’s life is Sam, Stockholm’s best tattoo artist, but the death of their unborn baby boy drives an unmerciful wedge between them. Leo still loves Sam, and perhaps Sam still loves Leo, but his job makes having a normal relationship complicated.

Leo is a hopeful person but in his present state he is a hopeless cop. He does have one thing going for him: he is good at finding people and getting them to talk, especially those who do not want to be found. But solving crimes is not the only challenge Leo must tackle – there are those in the police force who would kill to see him fail.

With Leo Junker, Christoffer Carlsson has created a gripping, modern noir series in which characters and mood are as important as plot.

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Christoffer Carlsson was born in 1986 and raised outside of Marbäck on the west coast of Sweden. He holds a PhD in Criminology from the University of Stockholm and, in 2012, he was awarded the International European Society of Criminology’s Young Criminologist Award. Carlsson is the author of several critically acclaimed crime novels and was, at 27 years old, the youngest recipient ever of the award ‘Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year’ by the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy.

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