The Palma Diptych

The Palma Diptych is constituted by two feverish page turners that are impossible to put down. But this is also a poignant story of loss, longing, a father’s boundless love for his child, and the darkness hidden behind the slick façade of a holiday paradise. What happens when a family’s worst nightmare occurs, and how does it affect those left behind? How deep does corruption go on an isolated pleasure island where everything has a price?

Tim Blanck’s world is shattered when his 16-year-old daughter Emme disappears while on holiday in Mallorca. Surveillance cameras capture her leaving a night club in the early hours of the morning and vanishing into the dark.

Three years later, the Spanish police have closed the investigation of Emme’s disappearance. Tim, ex-police officer turned private investigator, has moved to Palma de Mallorca to pursue the search for his missing daughter, leaving his wife Rebecca in Stockholm.

The pursuit of the truth leads Tim to the shady elite of Mallorca, and a cold lead becomes hot: someone has seen Emme on the night she disappeared. As Tim plunges deeper into murky political waters, he cracks the door to the depth of the island’s corruption – and to the lengths people will go for money. At the end of See Me Fall, a breathless hunt crashes to a shattering halt when Tim finds decisive proof that his daughter is dead.

On the five-year anniversary of Emme’s disappearance, the case gets new attention. In the stand-alone sequel, Hear Me Whisper, traces suddenly point in a different direction – it looks as though Emme is alive after all and a victim of trafficking. In order to find his daughter, Tim crosses a moral boundary and becomes part of the evil he is trying so hard to combat. Once he gets close to the inner workings of a dangerous mafia, Tim’s pursuit of his daughter also becomes a violent escape to save his own life. He leaves Mallorca behind and travels to mainland Spain where he finally finds closure and light in the story’s nail-biting resolution.

What are we willing to do to save those we love? And is there room for love in a world where bodies have become commodities and anything can bought for the right price? A sharp take on contemporary conflicts, taut action scenes, singular psychological depth, and a language that is seething with passion: The Palma Diptych is both a masterpiece of a thriller series and a love story that combines the intensity of Don Winslow with the grit of the classic film Chinatown.

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Mons Kallentoft is an award-winning, bestselling writer, beloved for his combination of psychological insight, intricate plots and raw, poetic prose. With the two thrillers in the Palma Diptych, Kallentoft breaks new ground and establishes himself at the forefront of contemporary Scandinavian crime.

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