The Senses

After having followed Mons Kallentoft’s brilliant but troubled police detective Malin Fors through two suites, she now returns in a third: The Senses. Each story in the suite is spun around the human senses – what we can perceive through sight and hearing, and how we can be seduced through touch, smell, and taste. And then there’s that undefinable sixth sense, which in Malin Fors manifests as her ability to register the voices of the dead, echoing in her subconscious.

Through the two first suites in the Malin Fors-series, The Seasons and The Elements, readers become acquainted with Linköping, the hometown of both Malin Fors and Mons Kallentoft, and a character in its own right. This time, Kallentoft moves beyond the borders of the university town, and we meet a heroine in freefall in the fever-dream that is Bangkok – the city of smells. Spices, traffic, sex, violence, pleasure, and death – all the smells permeate the urban chaos. Malin is constantly battling with inner demons and addiction, and the refuge to a new country that was thought to help her proves to put her in a more perilous situation than ever…

Now in her forties having lost the fight for sobriety once again, Malin Fors finds herself for the first time without the people that are her support system. She’s been betrayed by the man she loves, her daughter Tove is distant and disappointed with her drinking, and her friend and partner Zeke Martinsson is too far away to help. A final unsolved case back in Linköping keeps haunting her, and she seems to have left the voices of the dead behind. But not for good.

In Bangkok, Malin is more tempted than ever to give in to her alcoholism. The vast and erratic city is plagued by corruption and violence – but is equally alluring to the senses. Through Malin’s job as liaison officer for the Swedish Embassy, she collaborates with the Thai police, something that poses new and interesting challenges across cultural lines, and that also gives her a new friend in local police officer Pimcharn Chiwarat. But when a Swedish woman is found murdered and Malin’s lover turns up dead, things start to crumble around her. In order to protect her reputation, she spins a web of lies that will have dire consequences…

When Malin returns to Linköping, a plane is hi-jacked and teenagers are murdered in an apparent act of revenge. The brutality in the scene is not lost on Malin, who can’t help but fantasize how it must feel to be blown up, the touch of shrapnel against the skin. She’s eager to get to the bottom of the events that seem to be part of a bigger, international scheme. All the while, she does everything in her power to avoid confronting the demons within herself.

In this third suite about Malin Fors, Kallentoft continues to explore evil with a global focus on international trade and crime while also delving deeper into the complex psyche of his heroine, police detective Malin Fors. We see her fighting harder than ever to do the right thing, both in her personal and professional lives. Kallentoft excels yet again with his unique combination of realism and the supernatural, rare psychological insight, intricate plots and sharp, poetic prose, cementing his position as one of the leading suspense writers of our time.

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Mons Kallentoft is an award-winning, bestselling writer, beloved for his combination of psychological insight, intricate plots and raw, poetic prose. With the two thrillers in the Palma Diptych, Kallentoft breaks new ground and establishes himself at the forefront of contemporary Scandinavian crime.

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