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Camilla Grebe’s The Lies We Tell and Tove Alsterdal’s We Know You Remember have both just been published in Denmark, and in this rave review Jyllands-Posten‘s critic praises them both.

“In the abundance of Swedish crime […] Camilla Grebe and Tove Alsterdal distinguish themselves as two crime writers who succeed particularly well in combining the very private with the very public, and who highlight current debates about ethnic and social equality, identity politics and diversity as urgent topics. […] Both Grebe and Alsterdal offer superb mastery of surprising plot, tons of atmosphere, and clever reflection of urgent topics in society – to the very last page.”

The Danish edition of The Lies We Tell was published by Lindhardt & Ringhof and We Know You Remember by Modtryk

Alex Schulman’s The Survivors is out in The Netherlands this week and in a first rave review, Flemish newspaper De Standaard‘s critic concludes that this is the summer read of 2021:

“It has been long since I was this hooked by a novel. Here are four reasons why The Survivors ought to be the holiday read of 2021. The first reason is the most difficult to reveal without giving away the genious plot. […] The second reason is the craftsmanship. The narrative shifts smoothly between present and past. […] An then the third reason: Schulman can write. […] Beautiful scenes that are authentic and spot on can be found on every page. […] Finally, reason four: the interplay of genres. What starts out as a seemingly relaxing holiday read quickly evolves into a bildungsroman that focuses on the universal function and (more than you would like) dysfunction of a family. […] The end result is a chilling cocktail of loneliness, solipsism, and yet also of diffusive empathy.”
De Standaard