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Elin Cullhed’s Euphoria has received another rave review, this time from Vi Läser magazine.

“It’s liberating that Cullhed does not interpret Plath’s life through its end: the suicide. Instead, she depicts the poets neurotically vibrant, intense joie-de-vivre and tireless attempts to combine family life with her writing. Do you need to have read Plath to read this novel? No. This is a wonderful portrait of a sensitive person’s struggle to make life work.”

Euphoria was published in Sweden by Wahlström & Widstrand on March 1st.

After the Sun by Jonas Eika has received another early media hit in the US, and was featured in Refinery29’s round up of “Books You’ll Want to Read This Summer.”

“An urgent, deliriously discomforting reflection of how we’re all connected with one another — and what it is we expect in exchange for that kind of access. Eika holds nothing back in his fiction, he goes into the tightest of spaces and most intimate and terrifying of moments in order to breakthrough to places few have been before — or even imagined existing.”

You can see the list here.

After the Sun will be published in the US by Riverhead on August 24th.