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Ahlander Agency is a leading literary agency based in Stockholm that represents Scandinavian writers at home and in the world.

Our selective list spans a wide spectrum – from commercial fiction writers to experimental pioneers in all genres and forms, from the page to the screen. What interests us is quality and originality, no matter the form.

We believe in representing writers, not individual works. And so, in addition to selling publishing and film rights, we foster a rich, creative conversation to develop ideas and provide support.

The world is in a state of constant change – books are both read and listened to, stories are made into television series, and characters are spun off into new universes. We champion storytellers, both in their solitary writing process and in the messy world at large.


Contact info

Ahlander Agency AB

VAT: SE556911763201

Götgatan 27
116 21 Stockholm, Sweden

+46 8 27 54 55



Astri von Arbin Ahlander

Managing Director and Literary Agent

Amanda Bergquist

Agent Assistant

Christine Edhäll

Partner and Literary Agent

Karin Ekblom

Office Assistant

Matilda Fogelström

Agent Assistant (parental leave)

Kajsa Harrysson

Legal Counsel and Creative Associate Film & TV

Mariya Lazunina

Royalty and Contract Manager

Kaisa Palo

Literary Agent
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