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Dy Plambeck (1980) graduated from Forfatterskolen in Copenhagen in 2004 and debuted with the poetry collection Buresø Stories in 2005, which rocketed her onto the Danish literary scene, and for which she was awarded the Klaus Rifbjerg Debut Prize for Poetry and the Danish government’s three-year grant.

Through her writing, Dy turns the spotlight on the warped existences and lost souls of provincial Denmark, bringing to life their existence in a clear voice full of charm, yet unafraid of pain and darkness. Dy’s approach to her characters is both thoughtful and empathic, humorous and entertaining, disturbingly wild and exhilarating.

Since her debut, Plambeck’s critically acclaimed subsequent novels Texas Rose (2008), Godfather (2011) and Mikael (2014) have depicted every imaginable corner of the human mind, raising questions of how multi-faceted life can be, and how we at all times are the sum of the people and places that characterize us.

In her bestselling latest novel, To My Sister (2019), these themes were again manifested, and she was awarded the prestigious Politiken’s Literary Prize and shortlisted for many more. A fan-bearer of literature, otherness, and feminism, she is also a contributing writer to the cultural column “Modern People” in the major newspaper Politiken.

Dy Plambeck’s authorship is irresistible in its originality, arresting in its vaulting ambition and delightful in its exacting prose. With her acute sense of language and rare worldliness, Dy Plambeck is one of the most influential literary writers in Denmark today.

Photo of Dy Plambeck by Les Kaner

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Photo of Dy Plambeck by Les Kaner Photo by Les Kaner
Dy Plambeck, forfatter Photo by Les Kaner
Dy Plambeck, forfatter Photo by Les Kaner


2005 – Awarded the Klaus Rifbjerg Debut Prize

2019 – Awarded Politiken’s Literary Prize

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