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Johanna Gillbro (1977), PhD, is an award-winning skin scientist and the writer of the bestselling book The Scandinavian Skincare Bible.

Johanna Gillbro has more than 15 years of experience in experimental dermatology, clinical research, and skincare product development, as well as substantial experience from within the pharmaceutical industry. Gillbro is frequently engaged as a speaker at international dermatological and cosmetic science conferences to present her cutting-edge research and is the most cited author in The International Journal of Cosmetic Science in the past 10 years. Gillbro holds several patents to anti-aging compounds and has been research manager for anti-aging treatments as well as an innovation manager within the skin care industry. Needless to say, she is an expert on the skin and how best to take care of it. Now she is on a mission to bring her knowledge to consumers like you and me with The Scandinavian Skincare Bible.

Upon publication in April, 2019, The Scandinavian Skincare Bible went straight to the bestseller lists at all major retailers.

Gillbro Author Photo C Annika Berglund


“Trends in skincare can be tough to keep up with, but according to one book there are only two words you need to know right now: Scandi skin. Forget the ten-step Korean skincare routines, The Scandinavian Skincare Bible by Dr Johanna Gillbro, an award-winning Stockholm-based skin scientist, focuses on paring everything back.”
The Sunday Times (UK)

Financial Times (UK)

“A refreshingly straightforward handbook featuring research-based lifestyle tweaks to help your complexion look its best.”
Stylist (UK)


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Gillbro Author Photo C Annika Berglund Photo by Annika Berglund

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