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Lina Nordquist (1977) is a writer, physiologist, and politician from Hälsingland, Sweden. She is an Associate Professor in physiology and researches blood pressure and diabetes. Since 2018, she serves as a Member of the Swedish Parliament.

Nordquist made her literary debut with the novel Hunger in August 2021 which is set to be published in 12 territories. In October 2022, Nordquist won the Book of the Year Award for Hunger.

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“An incredible story with an amazing ending, absolutely amazing. […] Her portrayal of nature, the light, the forest, the love between these people, it’s just marvellous! This is a fantastic debut, among the best debut novels I have ever read.”
Go’ Kväll (SE)

Hunger portrays how we have always been dependent on nature to survive, on the compassion of our fellow human beings, and also on luck which – with a roll of the dice – can mean the difference between life and death. […] Hunger is one of few recently published novels that actually makes you grab hold of the spine of the book hard enough to turn your knuckles white and cause tears to flow, as the book reminds you of the dreams and hardships of relatives in the past. The homestead life in Lina Nordquist’s successful debut novel creates a form of elevation of our own every day life and puts it in razor sharp perspective.”
Upsala  Nya Tidning (SE)

Hunger is an impressive debut. A drama where the stakes are life or death, portrayed in a singular and restrained vibrating style. About love, madness, and belonging.”
M Magazine (SE)

Hunger is told in a vivid style that sparks expectations. [Nordquist’s] carefully crafted characters and her authentic portrayal of the harsh homestead life at the turn of the century is captivating, and her knowledge of how nature shifts is breathtaking. The story is thrilling and unpredictable, it surprises over and over again. […] An incredibly impressive historical novel.”
BTJ, 5 /5 Stars (SE)

“Lina Nordquist makes her debut with a novel about poverty, betrayal, and misery. The style is beautiful and the story that evolves on the page is both tender and gripping. […] An impressive and promising debut, to say the least.”
Gefle Dagblad (SE)

Hunger is above all a warm and moving story, skillfully chiseled out, with complex and authentic characters. An impressive and promising debut, to say the least.”
Falukuriren (SE)

“The book is structured in a clever way, so that family secrets and fates are revealed little by little, but throughout the reading the author sprinkles clues that this will become a complicated and ominous story. […] An incredibly strong book both in its language and content. The story is opaque and chilling and portrayed in such a way that you, as a reader, sit with your heart in your throat. The author has a unique way of connecting the threads. […] This can become a success among readers.”


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2022 – Book of the Year Award for Hunger
2021 – Shortlisted for the Adlibris Award for Debut Novel of the Year for Hunger

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