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A man is brutally murdered in the aisle of the church he helped build and a community closes in on itself to protect its dark secrets. The man is Viktor Strandgård, a religious celebrity in the far northern city of Kiruna, in Sweden. His eyes were stuck out and his hands were chopped off in a killing that appears alarmingly ritualistic.

News of Viktor’s murder reaches Rebecka Martinsson, a workaholic lawyer who left Kiruna many years ago for a life in Stockholm. Rebecka was once deeply involved in the Christian community in her hometown and counted Viktor Strandgård and his sister Sanna among her closest friends. When Sanna is suspected of killing her brother, she asks Rebecka for help. But Rebecka faces a harsh homecoming in Kiruna. As the Aurorae Borealis dance across a perpetual night sky, both the murderer and Rebecka’s past catch up with her…

Sun Storm is the first book in the award-winning series by Åsa Larsson. It introduces Rebecka Martinsson and police inspector Anna-Maria Mella, two beloved female protagonists who make an unlikely investigative team driven equal parts by intuition and cold-hard facts. Sun Storm was named Best Debut by the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy and was shortlisted for the Duncan Lawrie International Dagger Award.

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cover Italy, Marsilio
Larsson_Zonnestorm_WT.indd The Netherlands, Ambo Anthos
Sun storm USA, Bantam Dell
PB-solstorm-omslag.indd Denmark, Modtryk
RM1 cover france France, Livre de Poche
AurinkomyrskySOLSTORM Finland, Otava
solstorm Germany, C. Bertelsmann
RM1 Greece, Metaichmio
Solstorm Norway, Gyldendal
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Aurora Boreal Portugal, Planeta
Aurora Boreal Spain, Seix Barral


“An intriguing and ambiguous ending is the perfect finish for a story in which characters are living lives that are real, complicated, challenging, and raw. Highly recommended for readers who like their fiction to challenge them, make them think, and don’t mind the story staying with them way after the book itself has gone.”
Eurocrime (UK)

“A real page-turner with steadily rising suspense the closer you get to the gruesome finale.”
Svenska Dagbladet (SE)

“Larsson immediately qualifies into the Swedish elite.”
Expressen (SE)

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