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Vitormen omslag

It’s Christmas Eve and the citizens of Mariefred are all enjoying a day of sledding at the hill when the peace is suddenly disturbed by a piercing scream. A little girl has been sucked into the earth and disappeared, to the horror of her friend Lycke-Marie, who seems certain the girl  was pulled down by some unknown creature. Adults rush to the scene and warn of a sinkhole, urging the children away from the unsafe spot. But when Alrik and Viggo feel the ground rumbling and see the movements of something slithering underneath the soil, they realize an ancient monster has awoken from the depths.

Now Alrik, Viggo, Estrid, and Magnar must find out what it was that took the little girl. Could the slithering monster be the much-feared Alba Serpent, a dragon-like snake that eats children? They must warn Lycke-Marie – what if the Alba Serpent comes back for her?

Meanwhile, Iris finds herself spending Christmas Eve at the mercy of Maggie Migraine, tied to a chair in the nurse’s office in the closed school where no one can hear her screams. As Maggie Migraine brags to Iris about her evil plans, it becomes horribly clear that the dark witch has no plans of letting Iris live. An epic magical battle ensues, and Iris is forced to use all her cunning to survive.

The Alba Serpent is the eighth book in the epic PAX series.


“This by many eagerly awaited eighth instalment in the series opens in total suspense. Iris is held captive by the Dark Witch, Maggie Migraine, and her spiritus. A child is engulfed by a tree; a tree where the ground around it is covered in flowers, in the middle of winter. In the midst of Christmas Eve celebrations, the Alba Serpent appears. How are the children going to defeat all of these menacing threats? […] The focus lies on Iris and Lycke-Marie more than main protagonists Alrik and Viggo, which broadens the story. Authors Åsa Larsson and Ingela Korsell also portray their difficult family situation in a psychologically authentic and moving way. They allow for light in the darkness. Henrik Jonsson’s magnificent black-and-white drawings in American comic book style strengthen the horror mood and eases up the text. […] The Alba Serpent is easy to read, moving, thrilling, and above all, really scary. The ending bids for the next book to be published – as soon as possible!”

“An incredibly thrilling plot. […] This book leaves you curious of what will happen next in the penultimate book in this incredible series! […] I’d recommend these books to children who likes thrilling fantasy, and adults who are curious about urban fantasy for children.”
Lexie Läser, Blog (SE)

“What makes this series so amazingly good owes a great deal to the constant level of suspense and the Nordic creatures with which readers get acquainted. And the incredibly cool black and white illustrations contribute a great deal […]  Suspense and fantasy at its best!”
Bokkoll, Blog (SE)

“Talk about a long awaited book! (…) All instalments in the series have been thrilling and fast-paced, and The Alba Serpent is no exception. As I read, the pages rushed past and it was impossible to put the book down to do anything at all until it was finished. […] ”
Vargnatts Bokhylla, Blog (SE)

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