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svart stig

A woman is found dead on a frozen lake. She is out of place in the bleak northern landscape with her trendy haircut and fancy lingerie. The dead woman is Inna Wattrang, a big shot in a powerful international mining company led by an aloof, Kiruna-born businessman named Mauri Kalling. Inna has been tortured with electric shocks and stabbed to death. But why? And by who?

Police Inspector Anna-Maria Mella and her team are put on the case. They are soon joined by Rebecka Martinsson, who has returned to Kiruna and become a public prosecutor after a brief psychiatric hospitalization following the traumatic events of the previous book, The Blood Spilt. Rebecka’s research into Kallis Mining leads the police down a rabbit hole of corporate corruption, political maneuvering, and blood-money on an international level.

Meanwhile, a private drama unfolds as we learn about Mauri Kallis’ difficult childhood, his ruthless climb to the top, and the twisted relationship he maintains with Inna Wattrang and her brother Diddi. The story’s many threads are woven together in a chilling denouement that takes the reader beyond Kiruna and into a rogue world of masked assassins, incestuous liaisons, and cold-blooded violence from which there is no return…

The Black Path is the third book in the celebrated Rebecka Martinsson series. With its international scope and sophisticated plotting, The Black Path makes for an exhilarating read.

Extra Materials

Svart stig (Der schwarze Steg) Germany, C. Bertelsmann
RM3 French cover France, Éditions Albin Michel
The black path USA, Bantam Dell
La senda oscura Spain, Seix Barral
Sort sti Denmark, Modtryk
Musta polkuSVART STIG Finland, Otava
Larsson - Het zwarte pad (Svart stig) The Netherlands, Ambo Anthos
Svart stig (Sentiero nero)3 Italy, Marsilio Editori
Svart sti Norway, Gyldendal
Svart stig Poland, Literackie
A Senda Obscura Portugal, Planeta


“A brilliant narrative that ties together immoral capitalism in Africa with the impoverishment of the sparsely populated Swedish countryside. […] It is impressively spot-on.”
Södermanlands Nyheter (SE)

“Superb, gut-wrenching”
Publishers Weekly (USA)

“Crime novels are printed in mass editions. And I’m happy that it is this particular book, with its many voices and perspectives and its theme of globalization, that the world’s readers will devour now.”
Svenska Dagbladet (SE)

“Åsa Larsson once again shows that she is a skillful writer of Swedish desolation. No one can reignite language the way she can. […] Åsa Larsson’s great strength is in what is not said; when she places a simple detail so clearly in the foreground that you can’t miss the darkness hiding behind.”
Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Essential reading for all Scandinavian crime fans.”
Booklist (US)

“The third book in her Rebecka Martinsson series is one of the most gripping. […] Åsa Larsson’s genius is in telling the story from multiple viewpoints, so cleverly that you can’t see the dots connecting until they hit you right in the face at the end.”
The Times (UK)

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