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Vincent Franke is a small-time gangster and morphine addict who makes a living pushing drugs. One day he wakes up from his drug-infused sleep to find a young woman tied up in his apartment. Vincent is instructed to keep the woman locked up in his home for a week. Under no circumstances may she leave his apartment. The man giving the orders is Pastor, the most influential player in the Stockholm underworld – Vincent sees no other way out than to do as he is told. The woman, Maria, is a victim of trafficking who is bruised and scared and speaks only a few words of English.

Neither Maria nor Vincent have chosen the situation in which they find themselves. A strange relationship begins to develop between them and soon they find themselves fleeing for their lives – together. As he falls hopelessly in love with Maria, Vincent begins to hurtle helplessly toward destruction.

The Case of Vincent Franke is Christoffer Carlsson’s celebrated first novel. In this dazzling debut, Carlsson exhibits a superior talent at establishing a feverish mood that lingers long after the last page has been turned.


“A dazzling debut […] The Case of Vincent Franke is not just a crime novel, a thriller, but above all a story of human misery; an example of how bad things can go in life, but that hope never dies.”
Borås Tidning (SE)

“Beyond a good handle on language, Carlsson shows that he also masters the dramaturgical essence of the thriller as a genre. […] Christoffer Carlsson is a name to remember.”
Expressen (SE)

“One of the absolute best debut novels I’ve read.”
Boktoka (SE)

“It’s hard to believe that this book is written by a 23 year-old debut author, it’s simply too good! The language is fantastic and it therefore places itself well above the average action thriller.”
Bokbiten (SE)

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