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It’s almost Christmastime. Snow falls silently over the island of Öland when Hanna Duncker wakes up in the middle of the night to find her house in flames. She narrowly escapes through a window, but her home can’t be saved, and she watches as it burns to the ground. Afterwards, she can’t help wondering if the fire had something to do with her investigation into her father’s supposed crimes. Was this a warning, or was someone trying to silence her once and for all?

Stubborn as she is, Hanna is back at work the very next day. Human remains have been found in the Midland Forest on Öland, and they have been identified as those of a young man, Mikael, who disappeared twenty years prior. All signs point to Mikael being murdered, and together with her partner Erik Lindgren and their colleagues at the Kalmar Police, Hanna is tasked with solving the cold case and uncovering a murderer who has escaped justice for two decades.

In a separate narrative from the summer of 1999, we follow the victim Mikael and his friends on their graduation night. The last night out with the gang was also the last night Mikael was seen alive before his remains surfaced in the Midland Forest twenty years later.

Hanna is madly in love with Isak, but her past is still tormenting her, and she has been hesitant to take the next step in their relationship. That is: until her house burns to the ground. With nowhere else to go, she moves in with Isak, and somehow it just feels right. Has her worry been for naught all this time?

From her brother Kristoffer, Hanna has learned a lot about her father and the crimes he was sentenced for when she was a teenager. It is now blatantly clear to Hanna that someone else got away with murder and let her father take the fall. Hanna needs to find evidence. But someone doesn’t want the truth to come out, and they are clearly willing to take drastic measures to ensure it stays hidden for good.

After the success of The Night Singer and The Shadow Lily, Johanna Mo is back with The Dark Elm, the third book in the bestselling Island Murders Series about Hanna Duncker and Erik Lindgren. In yet another thrilling crime novel, Johanna Mo cranks up the heat on Hanna Duncker’s rouge investigation into her father’s crimes – and reveals that our heroine has a target on her back.


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