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Draugen omslag

The final battle has come…

Alrik and Viggo must leave Mariefred for good. After the last trouble they got into, Social Services has made a decision. The brothers can no longer live with Laylah and Anders. What’s worse, they can’t even live together. Viggo will move in with a new foster family and Alrik is being sent away to something called a youth home that sounds more like a prison, far away from Viggo. And everything is Iris’s fault. If she hadn’t been stupid enough to get caught by the Dark Witch, then Alrik and Viggo wouldn’t have been forced to save her, and then they would never have been caught on camera breaking into the school.

Viggo is determined to make his last days in Mariefred count by causing as much mischief as possible – he has nothing left to lose, anyway. He has poured green food coloring in the soap dispensers of the school bathrooms and started a food fight in the cafeteria. Alrik is too depressed to enjoy Viggo’s pranks – or to bother stopping him. He is worried about leaving his little brother behind. On top of everything else, there seems to be something wrong with his dog, Freja.

While the boys are trying to manage their personal problems, looming over their heads is also the small matter of saving the world. Under the magical library lies a draug – an unfathomable and ancient horror – and Maggie Migraine, the Dark Witch, intends to awaken it in order to wreak havoc and increase her power. The raven brothers Alrik and Viggo together with their friends Iris, Magnar, and Estrid are the only ones who can put a stop to her evil plan. But how? One night, Viggo has a brilliant epiphany when he realizes where they can find what they so desperately need in order to get the upper hand. But time is scarce and the final battle will come at great cost and sacrifice for everyone…

Time is pulsing and darkness is rolling in for the very last time. The Draug is the tenth and final book in the epic PAX series


“The final part in the PAX series starts in anxiety – Viggo and Alrik may not stay with their beloved foster family. The dark witch Maggie Migraine is still a threat to Mariefred. And there’s talk about a draug – an ancient, evil demon – is about to be let loose upon the town. Great power and sacrifice is needed to put a stop to it. Here authors Åsa Larsson and Ingela Korsell tie together loose ends and threats that has been planted throughout the previous parts. The brothers’ love for each other are strengthened when they are waiting to be separated. Iris gets back in touch with her family again. However, it wouldn’t be PAX if love and the light hadn’t been intermixed with absolute darkness and danger. The Draug is the darkest and most fearsome book in the series. […] Henrik Jonsson’s skilled and detailed illustrations in black and white heighten the horror considerably. The milieu is still the small town of Mariefred. The language is easy and captivating, the atmosphere both sad and incredibly thrilling, with tiny, tiny touches of humor in the midst of the darkness. […] This last part in the series marks the end of an era.”

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