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Early winter. A light snowfall has just powdered the streets of Stockholm white when a sociologist named Thomas Heber is found murdered in an alley in the center of the city. Who has stabbed the university professor to death, and why? The only traces the police have to work with are Heber’s cryptic research notes, which indicate that someone else’s life is also threatened. But who?

Leo Junker is back in the snake pit – the nickname for the homicide unit – after a long leave of absence due to his entanglement in a murder case where he was personally targeted by the perpetrator. He is still abusing prescription drugs and battling his inner demons, but he does his best to appear fit for duty. Leo is put on the Heber case together with Gabriel Birck, his former antagonist in the force. When the case is abruptly taken from them and reassigned to the Swedish Security Service, Leo realizes this is no ordinary street mugging.

Indeed, Heber’s death is not an isolated incident. He was killed in order to cover-up a much greater threat reaching all the way up to the top echelons of Swedish politics. As the lens widens, we are thrown into the clash between extreme right wing and extreme left wing activists who are waging a war on the public stage – and in the shadows.

This is a story of friendship across moral and political boundaries, where the lines between ally and enemy are blurred as the past is interwoven with the present in a sophisticated, and chilling, way. The Falling Detective is the second stand-alone installment of Christoffer Carlsson’s bestselling series about young police officer Leo Junker.


“One of Sweden’s most interesting crime authors. […] Carefully crafted language that is at times very poetic, without becoming over-saturated. It isn’t too long either… Every word carries meaning, every character has fascinating psychological depth.”
Gomorron Sverige, SVT (SE)

“Christoffer Carlsson has once again written a beautiful crime novel. Complex, topical and with stylistic verve […] This is brilliant and promising.”
Borås Tidning (SE)

“An exceedingly relevant, insider deep-dive into a terrifying world where violence and blind obedience is the rule. But also a convincing tale of friendship and betrayal, relationships and double loyalties. A dark, thrilling story that feels close to reality.”
Aftonbladet (SE)

“The best part with The Falling Detective is the psychosocial point of view originating from everyday life in the neglected neighbourhoods, showing how they’ve been forgotten by society. This creates a breeding ground for extremism.”
Helsingin Sanomat (FI)

“We are only a few days into 2016, but one of this year’s thriller highlights has already been released. This is definitely in my top ten of recent reads and probably for time to come. The Falling Detective proves that Christoffer Carlsson is one of the best Swedish thriller authors, the new master of Swedish crime. His novels are thrilling, more thrilling and even more thrilling! You’re breathless from the first page, and it’s unthinkable to catch your breath before you’ve finished the last sentence. So you better make it a deep breath! Carlsson no doubt has what it takes to be the Stieg Larsson of his generation.”
Litteraturmarkt (DE)

“I seldom appreciate authors who write genre novels, but Carlsson does it so well that one is tempted to call it a reinvention of the genre.”
Hallandsposten (SE)

“A new master of Swedish crime. […] Carlsson is definitely a worthy successor to previous greats such as Mankell and Larsson. […] Carlsson writes with a wholly unique voice, capturing the nerve of the times we live in, and gazing deeply into the social state of his country.”
Deutschlandradio Kultur (DE)

“Carlsson impressively describes how people become manipulated by political power mechanisms, making him equal to names such as Mankell, Larsson, and Sjöwall/Wahlöö.”
Radio Mülheim (DE)

The Falling Detective develops into an ambitious political thriller with an unnervingly topical – and fully plausible – plot […] A suspense novel miles above average. So, what is The Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy to do this year?”
Jönköpings-Posten (SE)

“Young Swedish author Christoffer Carlsson is THE new discovery from last year!”

“Extremely thrilling!”
Morgenpost AM Sonntag Berlin (DE)

“What is it about the eminently sensible Swedes that makes them so good when it comes to writing about murder and all things crime fiction? Maybe it’s the long, dark winters, I have no idea. […] The Falling Detective is, if you like, a political thriller as much as it is crime fiction. It’s a quite frightening glimpse into a world where violence and blind obedience are the two main rules of life. But it’s also a really enthralling story about friendship and betrayal, and the need for a sense of belonging.”
612 ABC Brisbane Mornings (AUS)

“… Life-or-death stakes but also literary acrobatics that lure the reader in […] Christoffer Carlsson is truly a master of mixing play with gravity and crime genre nostalgia with contemporary realism…Christoffer Carlsson loves the crime genre and that love makes me love reading his books.”
Norra Skåne (SE)

“Christoffer Carlsson has done it again […] a truly excellent crime novel.”
Smålandsposten (SE)

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