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When time is pulsing and darkness is rolling in, the boundaries between our world and the supernatural is very thin – something three friends become frighteningly aware of when playing a seemingly innocent game in a church bathroom. Something goes horribly wrong when three murderous ghouls slip through the bathroom mirror and start haunting the people of Mariefred. This year’s Lucia night will be a gruesome one…

Alrik and Viggo must find a way to fight the evil ghouls before more people fall victim. They’re forced to seek the help of Iris, whom Alrik and Viggo neither like nor trust. But dangerous times calls for extreme measures and they decide to swallow their pride for the greater good.

Meanwhile, Estrid finally realizes that she must begin practicing witchcraft in order to protect the magic library against the unknown dark witch who threatens it.

And when Viggo comes up with a clever masterplan, the brothers finally get to take revenge on Simon and his father for making their lives miserable…

The Ghoul is the fifth book in the thrilling PAX series.


“Åsa Larsson and Ingela Korsell are among the most space effective storytellers I’ve encountered: they write short, energetically, and so thrillingly it makes you lose your breath, and yet stil manage to squeeze in social and moral issues, youth culture, supernatural horrors, and everyday life. Rapidly, they paint surprisingly vivid mini portraits of even minor characters, and Henrik Jonsson’s dark comic book style illustrations inspire the imagination without being too scary.”
Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Yet again, Larsson-Korsell-Jonsson succeed in creating an excellent page turner. […] As usual, I love the illustrations, the social realism and the urban fantasy.”
Barnboksprat, Blog (SE)

“This is definitely the scariest book in the series so far. […] It’s great how light is shed upon all these creatures from Swedish folklore. While reading a very good and thrilling book you also learn something about our cultural heritage. Fantastic, isn’t it?”
Fantastiska Berättelser, Blog (SE)

The Ghoul is so thrilling and scary that it makes the hair on my arms stand on end while reading. I love it! […] I think The Ghoul is the best book in the series so far.”
Boktokig, Blog (SE)

“The PAX books are action packed and high paced! The creatures that emerge from the darkness are incredibly scary and get horribly close to me. Hair-raising and chill-inducing!”
Bokfreak, Blog (SE)

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