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The Grim picks up right where the first book in the PAX series, The Nithing Pole, left off. An unknown dog-like beast is attacking people in Mariefred. Is it a shapeshifter or is it a werewolf? An odd man named Damir comes to town and informs Estrid and Magnar that Alrik and Viggo are in mortal danger. The visitor claims to be a sorcerer, but who is he really, and can he be trusted?

Alrik is turning twelve years old and Laylah and Anders have a big birthday surprise. Viggo is especially excited because their mother has promised that she is coming to visit. But nothing turns out as the brothers expect.

Alrik and Viggo must learn to use their wits if they are to overcome their enemies both in the magical world and in their everyday lives.

The Grim is the second book in the riveting PAX series.


The Grim is breathlessly thrilling fantasy, easy to read without simplification and without making any sacrifices to plot. Over the course of 188 pages, you ride an emotional roller-coaster –  and you have to remind yourself to breathe sometimes. There is only one problem with The Grim: it ends.”
Tidningen Kulturen (SE)

“The first two books in the PAX-series are, without a doubt, the most nail-biting, page-turning thing I have read for this younger audience. This is simply brazenly thrilling. And it is very skillfully done.”
Steven Ekholm, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Every kid between nine and thirteen is going to want to devour the PAX-series. And their parents and older siblings will too.”
Eskilstuna Kuriren (SE)

“This is the Swedish middlegrade series that is going to conquer the world in 2015, believe me!”
Västerbottens-Kuriren (SE)

“The Pax-series builds on the urban fantasy trend, where ancient monsters move into a recognizable present, but the series is superior to all the competition. A nerve-wracking, funny and often unexpected plot that unfolds in a library.”
Andreas Palmaer, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Very difficult to put down once you’ve started reading. Pure and simple cliffhanger-bonanza!”
Bokhora (SE)

“I can’t seem to be more nuanced than this: I love it. I want more…now.”
Fantastiska Berättelser (SE)

“A thin book combining a good story with comic-style illustrations, in other words, a perfect combination. […] I would recommend PAX to readers who like fantasy for a younger audience. It’s also suitable for those who appreciate great, dark illustrations.”
KNIŽNÍ Louka, Blog (CZ)

“This book really seized hold of me. When completed the series will consist of ten volumes, and each book ends with a cliffhanger making you desperate to read the rest. I honestly don’t know what to do until the third book is published.””
Perdido Em Livros, Blog (BR)

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