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Maran omslag

Iris has managed to escape the claws of the dark witch with the help of Alrik and Viggo. But the trio’s reckless behavior will soon prove to have dire consequences. Maggie Migraine has withdrawn to lick her wounds, but her sinister plans are not over: she soon makes a deal with the dreaded Night Mare.

When Iris realizes who stole the book that Maggie Migraine was using, Viggo is finally forced to come clean about his terrible secret. If feels like a weight has lifted off his shoulders, but he can’t shake the anger that’s been festering in him, and when the day for Hey-Henry’s funeral arrives, Viggo cannot bear to face it. He still feels responsible for the death of his friend.

Magnar understands that the stolen book may contain a spell to awaken the ancient monster that’s resting beneath the magical library, and Iris warn that they must prepare themselves for what’s to come. Viggo and Alrik’s own magical powers are starting to manifest, and now they have to learn how to control them.

The dark witch manages to trick Estrid who gets caught in a terrible nightmare. In order to save her and the library, Viggo and Alrik must use their hidden magical abilities and dive headfirst into Estrid’s nightmare. But the boys must beware of the dangers of entering the dream world – or they may get caught there forever. And what’s worse: those who die in the dream world also die for real.

The Night Mare is the ninth and penultimate book in the celebrated PAX series.


“The ninth and penultimate installment in the celebrated and popular PAX series includes everything from tragedy, suspense, humor and dark horror. […] The real and the supernatural strengthen one another. The scariest elements are without a doubt due to Henrik Jonsson’s magnificently detailed black and white comic book illustrations. The characters are multi-facetted; both the boys and their friends have strong and weak sides, adults as well as children. This strengthens the realism further. The setting is still the small town of Mariefred, which is made visible through text and maps. The everyday Swedish setting is a successful combination with the fantastical elements. The audience is mainly 9-12 year-old children and this series is known for attracting even unwilling readers. This engaging installment is no exception.”

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