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Time is pulsing and darkness is rolling in. Strange, dangerous things are beginning to happen in the small town of Mariefred. The idyllic haven in the Swedish countryside is home to a secret, magic library deep underground. The library is a magnet that attracts both good and evil forces trying to gain access to the knowledge and power hidden behind its locked doors. The library is guarded by a pair of elderly siblings: Estrid and Magnar Mimer. During all the years that they’ve been guardians, no evil forces have threatened the peace. Until now.

Brothers Alrik and Viggo Delling come to Mariefred as foster children. They are eleven and nine years old. When all the signs align, Magnar and Estrid are forced to accept that the boys have been sent to help them guard the library during the dark times ahead.

Someone tries to get rid of the boys by planting a cursed Nithing Pole in their foster parents’ garden. Now Estrid, Magnar, Alrik and Viggo must figure out how to break the curse before someone gets seriously injured – or worse.

The Nithing Pole is the first book in the riveting PAX series.


“The first two books in the PAX-series are, without a doubt, the most nail-biting, page-turning thing I have read for this younger audience. This is simply brazenly thrilling. And it is very skillfully done.”
Steven Ekholm, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Every kid between nine and thirteen is going to want to devour the PAX-series. And their parents and older siblings will too.”
Eskilstuna Kuriren (SE)

“Brilliant beginning of a fantasy series that will have ten parts.”
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“This is the Swedish middlegrade series that is going to conquer the world in 2015, believe me! The Nithing Pole, the first book in a suite of ten, magically mixes nordic mythology with occultism, relationship intrigues, and horror. An urban fantasy epos that creates reading addiction.”
Västerbottens-Kuriren (SE)

“The PAX-series builds on the urban fantasy trend, where ancient monsters move into a recognizable present, but the series is superior to all the competition. A nerve-wracking, funny and often unexpected plot that unfolds in a library.”
Andreas Palmaer, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“You are hooked from the very first page. This is exactly the kind of series we’ve been waiting for. Suspense, magic, an underdog perspective, and Nordic mythology. (…) This is really, really good; it is simply addictive.”
Barn & Ungdomsbloggen (SE)

“Very difficult to put down once you’ve started reading. Pure and simple cliffhanger-bonanza!”
Bokhora (SE)

“Sometimes we find books that turn out to be great discoveries. This was exactly the case with this first volume. I was utterly spellbound by the plot, and the illustrations by Henrik Jonsson are very good. […] I recommend this to all children from age eight and above who love to get the shivers, and for adults who are still children at heart.”
Mickaéline Et Ses Livres, Blog (FR)

“A thin book combining a good story with comic-style illustrations, in other words, a perfect combination. […] I would recommend PAX to readers who like fantasy for a younger audience. It’s also suitable for those who appreciate great, dark illustrations.”
KNIŽNÍ Louka, Blog (CZ)

“The PAX series is a fresh breeze for children’s fantasy in the Czech Republic. […] If you have young readers at home, you should definitely not miss this!”
Fanzine, Blog (CZ)

“[The Nithing Pole] is very well-written and it’s elevated by Henrik Jonsson’s illustrations in black and white to perfectly fit the atmosphere. […] I’m glad that the authors are not afraid to offer children something that’s a little rough.””
Horor-Web, Blog (CZ)

“It’s enjoyable for the adult reader, and there hasn’t been something this blatantly cool for children to read in a very long time!”
Severskedetektivky, Blog (CZ)

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