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Something is stirring in the murky waters of Mariefred…

The students in Mariefred’s school partake in a safety training exercise where they jump into the water of the frozen lake through a hole in the ice in order to practice getting out using ice-prods. This is something everyone who lives in the north must know, at least according to shop-teacher Thomas. To Alrik, it might as well be a hellhole.

Alrik’s worst fears come true when something terrible happens on the ice, and Iris claims that a Nixie must be responsible. The Nixie is a cruel water spirit who drowns its victims just for the fun of it, and it must be stopped, before anyone gets seriously hurt – or worse.

Gripsholm has a new castle warden, and there’s something really fishy about him. He has somehow managed to enchant the whole town with his music, and on top of that, he seems to have a crush on Alrik and Viggo’s mother who has come to Mariefred unexpectedly.

Although Iris wants the dog Freja all to herself, Alrik is starting to realize that maybe she’s not too bad after all. But what is up with Hey-Henry? Ever since he lost his glass eye, he hasn’t been acting like himself.

When a woman drowns under mysterious circumstances, Alrik, Viggo, Iris and the others must come up with a plan to defeat the dreaded Nixie.

The Nixie is the chilling sixth book in the celebrated PAX series.


“PAX increasingly stands out as a unique series, not just as quality literature in a genre that’s rarely taken seriously, but also because it manages to put words to realities that are truly difficult. And, of course, because children simply love to read the series.”
Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Apart from the supernatural vein, which makes the series Swedish urban fantasy, there are many elements of social realism. The brothers’ mother comes to visit, and their relationship to her and her addiction is painfully realistic. The focus is also put on the school dynamics, peer pressure and class distinctions. This is skillfully done, and with great psychological credibility, as well as the portrayal of the characters. They’re allowed to be multi-facetted and make the wrong decisions. The language is often that of the brothers; colloquial, playful, and with many expletives. It’s easy to read, often humorous, fluent, and drives the thrilling story forward. Henrik Jonsson’s eerie black and white illustrations, ooze horror and surrealism, which elevates the scary text, while at the same time making it lighter. The target readers are 9-12 year olds, especially those who like fantasy and horror. You desperately want to put these books in the hands of young, unwilling readers.”

“I was attracted by the mythological theme (in every book they fight a character from nordic mythology and Swedish folklore) when I chose to review The Nixie. But to be honest, I kind of got cold feet when I realized I had to read five books before I came to this one. But that was before I started to read The Nithing Pole… I’m going to tell you a secret. Every time I pick up a novel my deepest wish is for it to make me feel like a child again. That is, I want to be sucked into it without being able to put the book away. I want to forget about time and just disappear inte the world that is before me. I want to go back mentally to that age, when all I asked for was for no one to bother me, and just let me read in peace. The PAX series is somewhat reminiscent of The Circle, but also of Harry Potter. I also think about Astrid Lindgren’s The Brothers Lionheart; sibling love is a guiding theme. But the world is its own, here Larsson and Korsell have succeeded in creating vivid characters who I quickly take to heart and follow. I recommend The Nixie and the rest of the PAX-series to those both young and old who may be a little tired of reading. There’s an immediate danger of strong addiction, of course, and through that a reluctance to social life for a few weeks to come…”
Dagens Bok, 7/10 (SE)

“Water plays a central part in The Nixie, the sixth part in Åsa Larsson and Ingela Korsell’s thrilling PAX series, whose suspense is heightened by Henrik Jonsson’s black and white comic book-style illustrations that don’t shy away from hair-raising expression in the portrayal of the representatives of evil.”
Göteborgs-Posten (SE)

The Nixie is insanely thrilling. And the series’ central plot just gets increasingly interesting. […] The authors do not shy away from injustice, broken relationships, and that which is really scary and violent, while at the same time the books hold powerful love, friendship and humor. And then there’s the language that makes Viggo and Alrik bustle with life. And Henrik Jonsson’s black and white illustrations, which charge the story with even more emotions and action.”
Eskilstuna-Kuriren (SE)

“It’s finally time for the next PAX book, and this time it’s beautifully yellow! How I love to put all these books next to each other with all the different colors; it’s an incredibly beautiful book series! And apart from the aesthetic – how consistently good this is! I’ve cheered so much for the series in this blog, and I simply must continue. […] The skilled authors pull me right in from the first chapter and soon make me remember everything essential that has happened previously through small hints. Perfect! Now I just have to start waiting, waiting, and waiting for book seven: The Pesta which comes out in October.”
Carolina Läser, Blog (SE)

“I really, really love the PAX series and The Nixie. One of the great things about this book is that it’s allowed to deal with two boys with an alcoholic mother, who are now living in a foster home. It’s so wonderful that the authors write about stuff you don’t talk about. […] On op of all that, The Nixie is yet another thrilling story in the PAX-series, this time about the nixie. This everyday realism in combination with Nordic folklore, it’s so damn good I’m beside myself. I want more. A lot more. Give me the next book NOW!”
Boktokig, Blog (SE)

“This is so good! Had there been a championship for best cliffhanger, you’d definitely win first prize, Åsa and Ingela! When you’ve begun reading it’s impossible to stop. Each chapter contains such chilling suspense you just have to keep reading, whether you want to or not. […] Just looking at the book makes me want to read it. The books are designed in a new and cool way that I believe catches the eyes of all children. With colored fore-edges and cool illustrations it’s immediately super fun to read! The PAX books look like no other books, and it makes them stand out in the bookshelves!”
Agnes Bokblogg, 5/5, Blog (SE)

“No one is surprised to hear that I love the PAX books, right? They’re so darn good! Thrilling and just the right amount of funny. […] Larsson and Korsell continue to do an awesome job with the series. And Henrik Jonsson’s black and white illustrations are so good!”
Vargnatts Bokhylla, Blog (SE)

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