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Bjork - Uglen - Nytt opplag

A teenage girl has gone missing from the youth home where she lived along with a number of other troubled teens. She is found murdered in a ritualistic manner and Oslo’s homicide unit, led by veteran investigator Holger Munch, is put on the case. Star investigator Mia Krüger is still struggling with suicidal thoughts and her addiction to pills and alcohol – diving headfirst into the gruesome case is not making her any more stable. Mia still dreams of her twin sister Sigrid, whose death of a heroine overdose ten years earlier continues to haunt her. But what really happened to Sigrid?

The murder investigation is leading nowhere when a mysterious hacker suddenly contacts the team’s computer nerd, Gabriel Mørk, and shows him a very disturbing film that reveals new details about the fate of the murdered girl. At the periphery of the film we see the contours of the killer dressed as an owl, the bird of death…

Meanwhile, Munch’s daughter Miriam is going through an emotional crisis. She questions the life she has chosen as the loyal partner to a workaholic doctor and the responsible mother of a young daughter. What happened to her passionate, politically engaged youth? When she meets an intriguing young man with a strong activist agenda, she finds herself drawn into a romantic affair that will lead her into the path of a very sick mind…

The Owl Always Hunts at Night is yet another sophisticated, intricately plotted, and psychologically piercing crime novel from Samuel Bjørk. We dive deeper into the lives of the characters we grew to love in I’m Traveling Alone as they struggle not only to solve a complicated murder case and stop a brutal killer, but to come to terms with the many challenges in their own lives.

The Owl Always Hunts at Night was nominated for the 2015 Norwegian Booksellers’ Award, and it was awarded the Dutch Hebban Award 2016 in the category ‘Best Thriller of the Year’.

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“There’s something about Scandi-crime fiction that sets it apart form the norm and the second novel in Norwegian author Samuel Bjork’s Munch and Kruger series exemplifies everything that is great about the genre. […] Told in short, compelling chapters that alternate between several perspectives, Bjork creates a unique, twisting, unsettling thriller that really epitomises the phrase ’page-turner’. And at the heart of it are two police officers whose own emotional battles are as enticing as the crime they are investigating. Read as a standalone novel or as part of the series, the book works equally well. In fact, there is very little to fault in this Nordic crime thriller par excellence.”
The Irish News (UK)

In The Owl Always Hunts at Night, Frode Sander Øien demonstrates that he has become a skillful international suspense writer. […] [He] has written a thrilling and entertaining crime novel with many rich elements. […] Even though it’s a thick book, there are many delicate details to delight in. […] The story may stay within a few miles of the Oslo area, but rises up to an international level.”
Adresseavisen (NO)

“Norway’s most famous artwork is Edvard Munch’s The Scream and Norwegian author Samuel Bjørk gives Jo Nesbø a run for his money in conveying the pain and rage beneath the country’s placid surface. This sequel to I’m Travelling Alone sees the return of the brilliant but damaged investigator Mia Krüger and her appropriately named boss, Munch. The plot is competently handled but the brilliantly drawn angsty sleuths kept me hooked.”
The Daily Express (UK)

“Samuel Bjørk proves to be an interesting suspense writer with great energy. […] Thrilling, great dialogue, and many characters that each have the potential to inspire new stories from Samuel Bjørk in the future.”
Oppland Arbeiderblad (NO)

“Thanks to the author’s ease of hand, we’re hooked. With descriptive milieus, a rich cast of characters, and effortless dialogue the book has terrific flow. […] I like both the investigators Holger Munch and Mia Krüger and I will gladly follow them further on new crime adventures.”
Trønder-Avisa (NO)

“With fluid language, clever twists and suspense, the reader is kept on their toes the entire way to the finish…”
Moss Avis (NO)

“Bjørk can still write, The Owl Always Hunts at Night is undeniably tighter than I’m Traveling Alone, and the ending is so thrilling that you want to read it in one sitting.”
De Volkskrant (NL)

“Expertly paced and thoughtfully plotted, The Owl Always Hunts at Night will leave you shaken to your core.”
Bustle (US)

“The best part of this book really is the relationship between Mia and Munch. I absolutely love the repartee these two have—I would read any book featuring them. […] It was truly fantastic to be back in Mia and Munch’s world—and this book ended on a cliffhanger that has me absolutely dying to read the next series installment.”
Crime By The Book (US)

“There are more twists and turns than a serpentine in this gripping thriller, and red herrings galore. […] The Owl Always Hunts at Night is a page-turner and will keep you guessing until the climax when the shocking truth comes out.”
The Gremlin (ZA)

“A chilling, stimulating, intensely dark tale set in Norway. […] Samuel Bjork creates a jagged zig-zagging edge of understanding, there isn’t a convenient jigsaw shaped hole waiting for your thoughts. The Owl Always Hunts at Night is a cunning, dramatically sinister tale, it looks as though this is a series with staying power.”
Love Reading (UK)

“Raw, psychological, disturbing. The Owl Always Hunts at Night, the new thriller by Samuel Bjork, is one of those reads you just can’t stop thinking about […] a great thriller, a novel that leaves you with a sense of confusion and anxiety, a discomfort because of what humanity is capable of.”
Il Gallista (IT)

“Samuel Bjørk delivers knowledge of human nature on an intense level, while at the same time a gruesome and inhuman tale unfolds. The author has incredibly good grip of both his characters and his plot, and another captivating thing about the book is how new characters are introduced time and time again. […] This book is damnably perfect, the suspense constantly increases, and the wonder of the reader follows. But it’s how the author embraces his characters, their range of feelings, the dread of the victims, and the intense and at times hopeless work of the investigation team that splendidly carries the novel, from the first to the last page. A real ace of a crime novel full of suspense, horror, loss, deprivation and eternal love. Each and every page is worth reading.”
Mitt Fyn, 5/5 (DK)

“A great combination of an interesting investigation and highly dramatic suspense at the end. […] I’m hoping for a third book in the series soon!”
Bokreisen, 5/6 (NO)

“Powerful and thought-provoking. […] this one has mesmerized me to the point that I was unable to stop reading, even when the pages were hard to swallow because of the strong content. This is the strength of Samuel Bjørk: his books do not give you a way out.”
Libretto Reviews (AUS)

The Owl Always Hunts at Night is a startlingly phenomenal read where the complexities of the mind, criminal or otherwise, threaten consume the characters in countless ways. It’s unreservedly compelling and highly recommended – I’m absolutely looking forward to the next instalment!”
Little Bookness Lane, Blog (UK)

“The plot has many intriguing twists and turns offering a puzzle that was enjoyable to try to solve. The build up of tension was skilfully managed, the final threads keeping the reader engaged through to the final page. An entertaining crime thriller even if I didn’t warm to the protagonists. The cold and darkness of the setting were well evoked and the killer, once revealed, was as chilling as they come.”
Never Imitate, Blog (UK)

“Immensely thrilling crime novel! […] If you’re looking for some suspense in the autumn darkness, this is absolutely the book for you!”
Tine Sundal, Blog (NO)

“Samuel Bjørk’s strength is that he writes with great ease and knows the craft of constructing a suspenseful thriller. Like his previous book, The Owl Always Hunts at Night is difficult to put down. You just have to keep reading.”
Artemisias Verden, Blog (NO)

“High suspense from the beginning to the end. […] Captivating from the first page with it’s gruesome story. […] It was impossible to put down.”
Born to be a Reader, Blog 5/6 (NO)

“Bjørk can write crime! What a frightening and thrilling novel this was! Just as fascinating as I’m Traveling Alone, his first crime novel. You’re hooked from the first page.”
Med Bok og Palett, Blog (NO)

“This tale is thrilling and quite unpredictable, and a great crime novel that I was very entertained by.”
Rita Leser, Blog (NO)

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