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cover Pestan

Christmas has come to Mariefred and with it the joy of the holiday season. But things aren’t so merry. Estrid and Magnar are grieving the loss of their brother Hey-Henry and a sinister mood has fallen upon the town. Fear has spread after all the strange things that have been happening and the streets are lined with broken street lights and barbed wire. Panic takes hold when several residents fall ill with a mysterious disease. Laylah and Anders’s two adult sons, Max and Tarek, are visiting for Christmas, and in the middle of what was supposed to be a cozy family night Tarek becomes sick.

Viggo is wracked with guilt over past mistakes and even though he has promised himself to try to be good, he can’t help but get himself and Alrik in trouble.

Meanwhile, Iris has come up with a clever plan to reveal who the Dark Witch is. But the plan is very dangerous and involves a heroic performance from Alrik. Although Alrik and Viggo are hesitant to break more rules, they’re persuaded to help out when Iris promises to find a cure for the strange illness that has made Tarek sick.

As tensions rise in the small town, a group of worried parents decide to form a vigilante committee. Iris finds herself singled out as the hunt for the elusive Pesta begins..

The Pesta is the seventh book in the bestselling PAX series.


“The very best kind of page-turner.”
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“The fantasy elements set in the modern setting expose current social problems, for example how the tone in social media can become aggravated and how scapegoats are singled out. And also how easily a crowd can turn against that which is unknown. Weaving such themes into an urban fantasy novel for middle grade readers is commendable. […] The suspense, the fluid style, and Jonsson’s super scary black and white illustrations will attract even the most reluctant readers.”

“Åsa Larsson and Ingela Korsell have done it again! They’ve turned up the suspense even more and now there are only three books left of the series. […] The PAX series is supernaturally good, and at the same time it is well rooted in our time. The Pesta is the most ‘realistic’ installment in this horror/fantasy series – but it’s also the most frightening. The Pesta says a lot about how much truly skilled writers can accomplish with very small means. And how insane the real world is. […] In The Pesta, the benefits and the importance of having a rich and varied language and a large vocabulary is emphasized. This is why Iris manages to crack the code of the mysterious disease. Language is thus the gateway to alternative ways of thinking, problem solving, and eventually hero status. […] The PAX series offers a positive message. While it also awakens the hunger for reading. This is true magic! Reading magic!”
Tidningen Kulturen (SE)

“There are so many good things to say about PAX, everything is just so spot-on! […] A perfect mix of all the best you can think of. I especially like the combination of everyday life, school, fantasy and magical creatures. […] And I have to mention the illustrations and the cover! The fantastic Henrik Jonsson is so talented!  The books really stand out in the shelf with their colorful edges and cool illustrations. […] They don’t just look like any book, they’re totally unique!”
Agnes Bokblogg, Blog (SE)

“As usual with the PAX series, The Pesta holds a fantastic combination of thrilling, imaginative adventures and nuanced portrayals of a couple of young boys growing up during difficult circumstances. […] The text has an incredible drive, is easy to read (perfect for 10-year-olds) and humorous. […] In other words: excellent!”
Lyrans Noblesser, Blog (SE)

“The first thing that makes The Pesta so good is the suspense. The pace is high throughout the book and I eagerly turn the page to find out what happens next. At the same time, I feel anxious because of how bad things can go and it almost feels as though I’m the one running from imps with my adrenaline pumping. […] This series is really incredible and everyone should read it. If you want something that makes you both happy and furious and on tenterhooks while at the same time drooling over the illustrations, this is the series for you.”
My Lifestyle by Elvira, Blog (SE)

“Good? Oh yes. Scary? Not like some of the books in the series (The Myling, The Ghoul… yes, I’m looking at you and I shiver) – it’s more thrilling, and just like in The Tilberi, this time the people are the most terrifying. People who stir up hatred through Facebook and other social media, and form a vigilance committee to take it upon themselves to restore order… eek!”
Kulturkollo, Blog (SE)

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