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Jonas Hellemyr has learned that he is one of the Descendants – individuals with heightened abilities who live hidden among us and form a parallel society to our own. Jonas is in prison, serving time for the armed robberies he was convicted for after book 1, Firstborn. But prison is also a good place for him to hide from the murderers in the dreaded Tribunal, who have a price on his head. The Tribunal is led by Jonas’ biological father, a shape-shifter who has long gone under the name Anders Svedberg.

In 1856, young sisters Signe and Liv Larsson are made orphans by the fury of this same Svedberg, a feared squire who controls the area where they live. Soon we realize that the Larsson sisters are Descendants and through their fates we follow the story of how the Descendants have influenced the arc of history, operating in secret, and how they came to organize into a functioning society in the beginning of the past century. But the Tribunal has also been there in the shadows, holding the world in its steely grip and playing a decisive role in some of the most violent periods of modern history.

The Tribunal has always operated in secret, but when its members become plagued by a fatal auto-immune disease they ratchet up the pace of the medical experiments they are conducting on unwitting humans – and their reckless behavior threatens both our world and that of the Descendants.  It becomes Jonas’ mission to put a stop to them – and to his father. In a breathlessly action-packed drama, the epic meets the everyday as one person’s destiny becomes at the center of an entire society’s survival.

The Renegade is the sequel to Filip Alexanderson’s debut novel Firstborn.


“Just as Firstborn, Filip Alexanderson’s previous novel, The Renegade is an incredibly dramatic book where supernatural elements are abundant.”
– Dast Magazine (SE)

“What I like the most about The Renegade is that the reader gets to follow two stories simultaneously. Jonas’ perspective is interesting, but it took me some time to warm up to him and the outcome of his story. Liv and Signe on the other hand! They captured me from the very start. Yet after all it is the combination of the two storylines that makes this a page turner. There are many pieces to the puzzle and Alexanderson has managed to create something truly captivating.”
– Bam Tycker, blog (SE)

“Thrilling, captivating, and chilling.”
– Jennies boklista, blog, 4/5 stars (SE)

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