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The Definitive Guide to Understanding Your Skin

Beautiful, healthy skin is a timeless holy grail, from teens with acne to elderly with wrinkles, and today, multi-step skin routines are all the rage. But we know surprisingly little about our largest organ. If we knew more, perhaps we wouldn’t spend huge amounts of money on products without documented effect. And maybe we would be more meticulous about what ingredients they actually contain. Consumers have long been at the mercy of the skin care industry, eager to jump on new trends without stopping to question what they’re being marketed.

Think drinking water will replenish your skin? Think again. More products, better skin? Nope. And an expensive product does not equal reliable results. Cleansing your skin in the morning is not necessary, and too much cleansing can actually be damaging. Ecological and natural products are not always best, and bacteria are not the enemy – on the contrary – they can be crucial for healthy skin!

The Scandinavian Skincare Bible is is the first comprehensive guide to skincare on the market today, that also teaches consumers to decode the ingredient list of skin care products and educates readers about the actual composition of skin creams. The book contains cutting-edge research, for example about the skin’s microbiome and the function of bacteria in the skin, as well as the relation between your gut and the skin. The book challenges how we look at skin care today by questioning outdated conventions and commercial tricks. In a personal yet educative manner, Gillbro takes us through the basics, from the different layers of the skin, how to analyze your own complexion, and how to lay the foundation for a healthy skin.

The book also deep-dives into how your diet effects your skin – because it does! – and presents a nutrition guide for a healthier skin, along with tasty recipes to replenish your skin. The book has been fact checked by leading dermatologists, pharmacists, and dietitians.

The Scandinavian Skincare Bible is an indispensable guide to understanding your largest organ, empowering the consumer to make informed decisions.

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“Trends in skincare can be tough to keep up with, but according to one book there are only two words you need to know right now: Scandi skin. Forget the ten-step Korean skincare routines, The Scandinavian Skincare Bible by Dr Johanna Gillbro, an award-winning Stockholm-based skin scientist, focuses on paring everything back.”
The Sunday Times (UK)

Financial Times (UK)

“A refreshingly straightforward handbook featuring research-based lifestyle tweaks to help your complexion look its best.”
Stylist (UK)

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