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Brothers Alrik and Viggo may have saved the lives of a local family and helped a haunted Myling find peace, but they are still no closer to stopping the dark witch who is terrorizing Mariefred. Meanwhile, Alrik’s new friend Iris continues to fascinate. But what is she plotting?

When a bout of robberies rocks the peaceful town, Alrik stands accused. Estrid and Magnar suspect that a thieving Tilberi has been set loose. But how can a Tilberi be stopped? And who will believe Alrik?

Alrik must face his greatest challenge yet when those he loves the most begin to distrust him. And Viggo, egged on by new friends at school, does something he will truly regret.

Emotions and loyalties are put to the test in this heart-rending fourth installment in the bestselling PAX-series.


“Swedish monsters are in focus and they’re so fantastic that I’d venture to guess that horror creatures will be our next great export […] The text is interspered with comic-book style illustrations by Henrik Jonsson. He shifts perspective in a perfect rhythm; closeups of a skull are followed by evocative shadows in the distance, in a illustrative style reminiscent of Rolf Gohs’ Mysterious Two series […] The PAX series is so immediate and thrilling that it will get even the most reluctant readers to approach books, yet its most important achievement is the fact that it restores mystery to the act of reading.”
Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Queen of crime Åsa Larsson and author Ingela Korsell take on this Swedish urban fantasy series in the spirit of Roald Dahl’s The Witches and the Spiderwick series. The black-and-white full page illustrations by Henrik Jonsson are detailed comic strips which truly set the tone and enhance the elements of horror in the book. […] The Tilberi is both funny, thrilling and at times truly scary.”

“I keep loving the series. It is suspenseful, has fantastic illustrations that are just scary enough for a 30-year-old (maybe even too scary sometimes) and the layout of the books is incredible! This is a fantastic book which I recommend for everyone, and if you happen to have a 10-year-old at home – don’t hesitate! Read it together, preferably under the covers with a flashlight, and prepare for lots of horror.”
Fantastiska Berättelser (SE)

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