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Att vara med henne

During a boozy dinner with distant friends, Alex finds himself in a situation where both he and his company are behaving badly. No one at the table seems to care that they are upsetting the entire restaurant – and neither does Alex; having just one through a divorce, he’s in a very dark place.

Suddenly, the restaurant doors fling open and a familiar face appears: Amanda, the very woman whose attention Alex has been trying to catch for months. Only a few days earlier, Alex and Amanda had shared a magical moment; a moment that gave Alex hope for the future. Now he realizes his bad behavior could jeopardize everything.

To Be With Her is an autobiographical novel about modern love. With humor and sensitivity, Alex Schulman portrays the year of his life when everything changed. The tale begins as his marriage has just ended, and he is busy trying to get through single-hood by diving headfirst into a boozy nightlife. Amanda comes onto the scene as a ray of hope, but the stakes are high.

To Be With Her is a funny and at times satirical novel about how love can make you turn your life around, even when things seem hopeless. Alex Schulman depicts his inner turmoil in a brave and candid way and provides insight into life as a public person in personal decline. Bursting with raw emotion, To Be With Her is also an homage to the love of his life.


“Alex Schulman is a very powerful and unusual writer because he is so very empathetic and self-revealing (…) Schulman is sharp and observant.”
Västerbottens Folkblad (SE)

“Alex Schulman has done it again – written a novel from his heart.”
S-Bladet (SE)

“This is a book filled with love, thoughts and reflections.  Alex Schulman writes in a beautiful way how he changes through his love for another, his wife Amanda. […] He writes well and with ease.”
Mariestads-Tidningen (SE)

“Memorable and romantic.”
Östran (SE)

“Schulman is not afraid of making fun of himself, and to write about what is embarrassing and weak. At the same time he has a sense of pace and tone. It’s very pleasant to follow this unpretentious and elegant contemporary writer.”
Nina Lekander, Expressen (SE)

“Schulman dares to be brutally self-revealing. Laid bare are both his desperation and mad love for Amanda. It’s a sweet love story. And a very funny one: I giggle, and even laugh out loud.”
Kattis & Company (SE)

“Moving without being sentimental. There’s a genuine warmth and humor.”
Östgöta-Corren (SE)

“Romance, anxiousness, deep love. When love enters Alex Schulman’s life, everything changes. His light pen and the delightful narrative makes it easy to become caught up.”
Allas (SE)

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