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Lykke Andersen used to be many things. A successful editor, the fulfilled wife of a celebrated author, a mother to two teenage boys, and above all: happy. Now she stands accused of murder, refusing to talk to anyone but detective inspector Manfred Olsson.

Flash back eight years earlier when we meet Lykke in her prime, living with her family in a beautiful house in the countryside, nicknamed Eternity. On a sweltering day in August, Lykke and her husband Gabriel are preparing to welcome their friends to a traditional crayfish party. Their sons, seventeen-year-old twins Harry and David are also there, along with their best friend Bonnie. The somewhat odd trio have always hung out together and are thick as thieves, but perhaps Bonnie is more than just a friend to one of the boys.

The crayfish party is a success, and the group stays up talking and drinking into the early hours of the morning. But the next day, Lykke wakes up to her idyllic life in pieces when Bonnie is found dead in the small house the twins share at the bottom of the garden. Both boys claim to have been asleep – someone must have snuck into the cottage during the night and killed the girl. But the door had been locked and the key was left on the inside of the door; no one could have entered from the outside.

Harry and David are both arrested and although Lykke is convinced of both her sons’ innocence, she realizes her husband Gabriel seems to think otherwise. As their perfect marriage starts to crack, Lykke must ask herself the most difficult of questions: has she been raising a monster – or even two?

The boys were released due to lack of evidence, and no one was ever charged with Bonnie’s murder. But eight years later, the wheels that were set in motion that fateful summer night have come to land Lykke in jail accused of murder, facing Manfred Olsson, the man who arrested her sons and broke her family all those years ago. Who has Lykke has killed, and why?

Told through alternate timelines and shifting perspectives, Welcome to Eternity is a nail-biting family drama and an elegant homage to the classical locked room mystery. Master storyteller Camilla Grebe weaves an opaque web of lies and deception, turning the spotlight on the fundamental conflict between choosing to do right by the law or doing the right thing.

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