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The Moscow Noir Trilogy

In Moscow Noir, we follow Swedish financier Tom Blixen and Russian prosecutor Sergej Skurov – two unlikely friends and collaborators.

Tom is a workaholic who has difficulty separating his personal and professional lives, which in turn leads him to struggle with both. He is a complex and flawed character with whom readers easily identify and whose gripping adventures navigating the Russian business world leave us at the edge of our seats. Skurov, on the other hand, is a weathered investigator reared in the Soviet tradition who knows how to work the system while never ceasing to adhere to his own moral compass.

The series offers a unique insider look at modern Russia and the ruthlessness of Russian business life. Touching upon issues of political and financial corruption, Moscow Noir is terrifyingly spot-on in its portrayal of contemporary themes.

The celebrated series has been sold to seven countries and, through the lens of fiction, has offered readers a fresh perspective on the reality of Putin’s Russia.

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