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The High Coast Series

Country roads wind through blue-tinged mountains, a river smooth as a mirror stretches out like a second sky. The High Coast in the Ådalen region of northern Sweden is a breathtaking landscape where abandoned industrial towns stand as empty shells of their former glory. Here we find police investigator Eira Sjödin who has recently left Stockholm to return to her childhood home in order to care for her aging mother who is slipping into dementia. Eira is single but entertains commitment-free relationships with both a police colleague and a love interest from her past. Never one to apologize for who she is, but always the first to doubt herself, Eira is a highly relatable leading lady who struggles, and fails, to keep a separation between her personal and professional lives.

In the first book in the series, We Know You Remember, Eira gets pulled into the investigation of the suspicious death of an elderly man that has echoes far back into her childhood, and that reverberates into the area’s dark history. Inspired by real historical cases that came to change the law regarding rape as well as how police handle child suspects, We Know You Remember is a relentlessly suspenseful and beautifully written novel about guilt and memory. Just as the story appears to near a dramatic resolution, a door opens to yet another mystery. Nothing is what it seems in this intricate crime novel where past and present intertwine with effortless grace. We Know You Remember has been named Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year and been awarded the prestigious Glass Key Award.

You Will Never Be Found, the second book in the series, sees Eira Sjödin become a solid member of the Violent Crimes Unit, headed by her charismatic but complicated boss Georg Georgsson, called GG. When a man goes missing and is later found dead, after having been trapped inside a basement for weeks, Eira and GG are put on the case – which leads them first down a winding and intangible road of organized crime, only to suddenly swerve and prove decidedly more personal. Whoever the perpetrator is, they have done this before. And, when GG disappears, it becomes clear to Eira that they have done it again. A race against the clock begins as Eira must find GG before it is too late. In the dramatic second instalment of the High Coast Series, Eira Sjödin finds herself at the mercy of an elusive perpetrator – and of a love she can no longer deny.

In Book 3, The Deeper You Go, a skeleton is found on the bottom of the river, and Eira is put in charge of a murder investigation which traces back to the hot summer of 1968 and where she finds connections to her own mother. While Eira is busy with the investigation, the day of her baby’s birth is coming up and she is still unsure of who the father is. Is it August, the younger polyamorous colleague from Stockholm; or is it Ricken, her high school sweetheart who lives on the wrong side of the law, in a house hidden behind rusty car wrecks? And who does she really want it to be? At the same time, the loose threads she deliberately left unsolved in a previous investigation comes back to haunt her.

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