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The Klara Walldéen Series

Klara Walldéen is the fragile yet fierce heroine in Joakim Zander’s three stand-alone thrillers. Working for human rights, she is dedicated to making the world a better place but she is constantly caught up in intricate international plots that put her life at risk and challenge her personal moral compass. Meanwhile, she remains loyal to the people closest to her: the grandparents who raised her; the best friend she would do anything for; the man she grows to love in spite of herself.

Side by side with Klara’s narrative, Zander zooms in on the complexity of human relationships, focusing on a new cast of characters in each of the three novels. At the heart of The Swimmer is the relationship between a daughter and father. In The Believer, the focus is on a sister trying to find out what happened to her brother. In The Friend, the relationship between two lovers blossoms in the midst of the complex web of terrorism and international spies.

With his internationally bestselling series, Zander casts light on the complexities of international politics in a world where borders between countries have become as porous as the lines between friend and enemy, truth and lie, past and present.

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