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The Mia and Munch Series

When we first meet the beautiful, raven-haired Mia Krüger, she has isolated herself on a small island out in a Norwegian fjord, set on taking her own life. Ten years have passed since Mia’s twin sister Sigrid died of a heroine overdose and Mia has decided to kill herself in order to be reunited with her sister. Twins Mia and Sigrid were adopted at birth and raised by caring parents. While Sigrid became addicted to heavy drugs, Mia enrolled in the police academy and was handpicked by veteran investigator Holger Munch to become part of his special homicide unit.

Holger Munch is 54 years old but feels older. Despite the fact that ten years have passed since their divorce, Munch cannot get over his ex-wife Marianne. Munch has a complicated relationship with his daughter Miriam, who sided with her mother during her parents’ divorce. Munch tries to repair his relationship with Miriam by being there for his granddaughter, Marion, who is a ray of sunshine in his increasingly barren life.

Mia and Munch become an inseparable team with a remarkable success rate at clearing up complex crimes. But when Mia kills a man – the same man whom she blames for her sister’s addiction – everything changes. The man’s death results in a highly publicized internal police investigation that leads to Mia’s suspension and Munch’s demotion. In the wake of tabloid headlines, the special homicide unit is shut down.

When Norway is faced with a brutal serial killer, Munch is brought back to head the re-opened homicide unit and the superiors who once suspended her from the police force are ready to do anything to get Mia back. Mia finds new purpose in stopping the murderer and puts her suicide plans on hold. But when the investigation turns personal, Mia is suspended from the force yet again and dives deeper into her internal darkness.

Over the course of several books, we follow Mia and Munch as they grapple with highly complex crimes on one hand and their own personal problems on the other. With sensitive character portraits, sophisticated plotlines, and breathtaking suspense, Bjørk has created a Scandinavian crime series that is poised to become a new classic.

The dazzling series featuring Mia and Munch has been sold to 30 countries and the first book, I’m Traveling Alone, became an instant international bestseller, including holding the #1 spot on German Der Spiegel’s Bestseller List.

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