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The PAX Series

Time is like a beating heart. Between beats, the world’s shield against supernatural forces is weakened. And evil seizes the chance.

Time is pulsing and darkness is rolling in. Strange, dangerous things are beginning to happen in the small town of Mariefred. The idyllic haven in the Swedish countryside is home to a secret, magic library deep underground. The library is a magnet that attracts both good and evil forces trying to gain access to the knowledge and power hidden behind its locked doors. The library is guarded by a pair of elderly siblings: Estrid and Magnar Mimer. During all the years that they’ve been guardians, no evil forces have threatened the peace. Until now.

Brothers Alrik and Viggo Delling come to Mariefred as foster children. They are eleven and nine years old. Reluctantly, Magnar and Estrid realize that the boys have been sent to help them guard the library during the dark times ahead. Someone tries to get rid of the boys by planting a cursed Nithing Pole in their foster parents’ garden. And soon a devil dog – or is it a werewolf? – begins to terrorize the town. Halloween celebrations are put on hold when a night-stalking Myling goes to attack. And there is a murderous Nixie lurking in the lake…

In the midst of the magical battles, Alrik and Viggo must also overcome challenges in their everyday lives. There is Viggo’s bully of a classmate, Simon, and his coterie of sidekicks who make life difficult for the brothers in every imaginable way. There is their mother who they yearn for, but who always lets them down. And there is the anger inside that bubbles up and makes them act without thinking. How do they learn to conquer that?

After their first two adventures, Alrik and Viggo are joined by a mysterious girl named Iris. Iris has a great deal to teach the boys both about magic and matters of the heart, but can she be trusted?

Who is waking all the supernatural pests, all the Grims, Tilberis, Imps? Who wants to drive the good forces out of Mariefred, break down the library’s shield and get access to the power inside? Alrik and Viggo must look within themselves in order to tame their fears and master the magical abilities they are only just discovering in order to save themselves and the people they have grown to love.

PAX is an exhilarating urban fantasy series in ten parts, set in a fresh new world of magical creatures drawn from Nordic mythology. But it is also a moving tale about learning to trust and struggling to belong. Time is pulsing, and the worst evil of all is the one that casts a dark shadow over your own heart.

The series is written in an edgy, fast-paced style designed to attract young, restless readers. Each book is filled with high-pitched drama and heart-stopping cliffhangers and the entire series is set over a period of only one and a half years. While the action is exhilarating, the emotional pull of the nuanced characters and the development of their complex relationships is what sets PAX apart as a new modern classic.

Hip and urban comic book-style illustrations are interspersed throughout the text, appealing to a film and computer game addicted audience and tapping into an iconic visual language.

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