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The Rebecka Martinsson Series

Rebecka Martinsson is a workaholic lawyer at a Stockholm law firm when her past comes back to haunt her – in a terrifying way. She leaves her fast-track career behind to become a public prosecutor and return to her roots in Kiruna. Though Rebecka travels north in the search for peace of mind, she finds herself at the center of a series of gruesome murders. Blood washes the snow red, echoes of history resound in the present, and the local police force, led by intrepid Inspector Anna-Maria Mella, struggle to put the pieces of the puzzles together.

Åsa Larsson’s beloved crime series featuring fragile yet fierce heroine Rebecka Martinsson has been translated into over twenty languages and read by millions of readers around the world. The books are set in Larsson’s hometown of Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost city, where darkness engulfs the city in the winter and endless lightness reigns in the summer.

Though Larsson writes within the crime genre, she moves beyond the usual constraints of the form with her sensitively drawn portraits of people and animals, her sharp psychological insight, and her unabashed love of language. These are pages to linger on, not just to turn.

The Rebecka Martinsson series was included on a list of Top Mysteries Every Woman Should Read by Oprah Winfrey, who called Rebecka Martinsson a “brilliant, believable” female detective.

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